Gift cards are digital assets that can serve many purposes such as making in-store transactions, gifting them to loved ones on special occasions and selling them for cash and crypto if need be. 

Gift cards can be purchased in their different departmental/brand stores. They can also be purchased from other online platforms like GiftCardGranny popularly known as online gift card marketplaces.

GiftCardGranny is a popular online gift card marketplace where people can easily buy gift cards at discounted prices, they can also sell gift cards below their face value on this platform.

Several online gift card marketplaces such as GiftCardGranny give people the platform to buy any listed gift card of their choice and sell them back at will. Though GiftCardGranny is quite popular among users, many are still in doubt about its reliability.

These concerns are understandable, especially considering the fact that gift cards are valuable digital assets and there have been cases of many fraudulent platforms ripping users of either their cash or gift cards. Nobody would like to risk their precious asset on a dubious platform, hence, users always look out for reviews about platforms such as this to avoid making gruesome mistakes.

This article is a good review of our findings about the famous GiftCardGranny gift card marketplace where a lot of gift card trades have been done over the years.

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What is GiftCardGranny?

GiftCardGranny is an online gift card marketplace founded in 2009 and headquartered in the US. The platform partners with various gift card merchants and companies and lists discounted gift cards for users.

GuftCardGranny lists over 1,000 different stores on her platform where users can search for specific gift cards,  after which they will get discounted prices from GiftCardGranny partners. 

When users choose the gift card of their choice, they will be redirected to the website of such partner where they will complete the purchase.

Users can also sell their gift cards on the GiftCardGranny website through the partnered gift card companies. There are more than 1,000 stores and 100,000 gift cards listed on the site which include Target, Macy’s, Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot etc.

GiftCardGranny does not charge any extra fees on purchases and sales. There are no subscription fees, account fees or whatsoever fees but when you sell a gift card, you will get less of its face value.

The platform is user-friendly and as such, it can be used by anyone without difficulty. 

Is GiftCardGranny Legit or a Scam?

GiftCardGranny is a legit online gift card marketplace that is widely recognised around the world.

Given the rate of scams and fraudulent platforms in existence today, many peopl  think of any online platform as a scam.

GiftCardGranny has been in operation since 2009 till date and I can tell you that it is one of the most popular gift card marketplaces, you wouldn’t have still heard about it if it were a scam.

GiftCardGranny is a legit website for buying discounted gift cards and selling gift cards too. The platform is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and the founder is Jason Wolfe. 

The platform also has about 7.9 million yearly visitors and has helped these visitors save about $150 million annually.

The media such as Forbes Magazine, ABC Nightly News, the Huffington Post, and The Today show have talked and written about GiftCardGranny to great extent. 

Also, Trae Bodge, a popular media personality is the spokesperson of GiftCardGranny. He can also be contacted for news and media.

GiftCardGranny enjoys a lot of good feedback and reviews from its customers online. From several reviews I got online, many users were happy with the vast available gift card options to select from, some commended the swift customer support agents, and the simple and user-friendly interface while some commended the fast delivery of the gift cards. 

The reviews also include some aggrieved users who complained about the late delivery of gift cards, incompetent customer support agents and other bitter personal experiences.

You should understand that no platform has a completely positive review. Some users must be dissatisfied with the type of service they got from such a platform, hence, the bad review. However, GiftCardGranny has built a good legacy over the years and its good customer reviews exceed the bad reviews.

To ensure that users are protected from any form of scam, the platform offers complete new gift cards to users. A user can file a complaint if otherwise or if the gift card reflects a different balance from the advertised balance.

The platform has also declared that every user’s information is safe, and secure and can never be revealed to any third party.

Why You Should Use GiftCardGranny

Using GiftCardGranny has a lot of benefits and perhaps a few disadvantages for users.

Using GiftCardGranny is surely the best way to save money that otherwise could not have been saved if the gift cards are purchased elsewhere. By purchasing the discounted gift cards, you’re surely saving some cash on every purchase. 

It also has a wide variety of brands which you may find interesting for yourself and also for your friends and family.

It’s surely the best place to buy bulk gift cards for your clients, students, employees etc and save cost.

In the end, if you feel no need to use the gift cards for anything, you can sell the gift card on GiftCardGranny below its face value.

Why You Might Not Want To Use GiftCardGranny

One significant disadvantage of using GiftCardGranny is that it does not offer free shipping policies and gift card support when compared to similar websites like GiftCardBin. Therefore, you may need to pay extra shipping fees on your gift card after purchase and there is no gift card support for users who may want to process their gift cards. 


GiftCardGranny is one of the best online gift card marketplaces to buy discounted gift cards or sell your gift cards for some cash back. The platform derives its name from the inspiration that it is the grandmother of all gift card marketplaces. 

GiftCardGranny has proven to be reliable over the years and it only gets better as the days go by.

Gift cards listed on the platform are sold at discounted prices, making it the best place to shop for bulk gift cards. The wide variety of listed gift cards also gives you the power to make good choices.

Even when you don’t feel like using the gift cards anymore, there’s still room to sell them below their face value.