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About Apple Gift Cards

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne all founded Apple back in 1976 and started off selling personal computers. Their product was an instant market success. The company had its ups and downs through the early years which saw Steve Jobs leave the company. In 1997 Jobs was convinced to run the company to save it from performing badly in the market. Steve Jobs did just that with an ad. campaign and introducing new products. In 2001 the company opened a chain of retail stores called Apple stores, to sell Apple hardware products. Fast forward to 6 years later, the company launched the iPhone and the rest is history. Today Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable company and the biggest in the ICT industry, revenue wise. Thanks to the internet Apple stores are accessible online. You can get Apple products like iPhones, iPad, iWatch etc from the online store. To pay for these products online or offline you would have to use cash, debit card or an Apple Store Gift Card.

Before we go into describing what an Apple Store Gift card l is, it is important to differentiate it from the iTunes gift card. They are both Apple branded gift cards but perform different functions. iTunes gift cards are used to buy items like apps, books, magazines virtually on the App Store. While Apple Store gift cards are for Hardwares and can be used offline.

An Apple store gift card is a prepaid payment card used as a replacement for cash and other payment cards. It is used to pay for Apple hardware products from both physical and online Apple Stores. Examples of what they can redeem for you include but are not limited to iPhone, iPad and iWatch. They come in all grey, gold, with and black colours.

The Apple Store gift card can be used to redeem Apple items from physical Apple Stores. Note that Apple branded gift cards are only redeemable in the country they were purchased in. You can also redeem Apple products from the comfort of your home from the Apple online store. You can as well sell for apple for cash or Cryptocurrency on Prestmit if you have no need to redeem Apple items.

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Convert Apple Gift Card To Bitcoin or Cash.

What happens if you leave the country where you bought your Apple Store gift card from? As stated before, Apple branded gift cards only work in countries where they were purchased. What do you do with the card, because it's worthless as it stands but you can turn it into cash or Cryptocurrency within minutes with Prestmit.

Why Prestmit Is The Best Site To Sell Apple Card

Prestmit gives you the best rates to sell your Apple Store gift card. To know what rates of your Apple Store gift card you can use the Rates Calculator at any time. Just like every other feature on the Prestmit platform, the Rate Calculator is super easy to use. Just follow the instructions and you will get the information you need.

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Have Question On How To Sell Apple Card?

The customer support is always available to provide answers to your questions but here are some most asked questions.

How to Sell Apple Store Gift Card?

Apple Store gift cards can be redeemed offline and online in Apple Stores only. To get more details about this, you can read the information behind the card. You can also redeem them for Cash or Cryptocurrency on a platform like PRESTMIT that buys Apple Store gift cards at good rates.

Is My Card Safe?

Yes, your APPLE gift card details are safe with us. Our platform has built a long-lasting reputation and trust with customers. You need not doubt our credibility.

How to Check Apple Store Gift Card Balance?

To check your Apple Store gift card balance, check the back of the card you will see a link to the website where you can access your card balance.

How Can I Download Prestmit App

Click here to download Prestmit App. With this, users are closer to the platform, and can carry out transactions easier than ever.

What Is The Difference Between Itunes and Apple Store Gift Cards?

The difference between them is not very significant. They are both Apple branded gift cards but perform different functions. iTunes gift cards are used to buy items virtually on the App Store. While Apple Store gift cards are mostly for Apple Hardwares and accessories. They can only be used on Apple Stores platforms both online and offline.

Is an Apple gift card the same as an Apple Store gift card?

Apple gift card is a universal Apple card in the sense that you can use it to shop on all in-store and online Apple platforms including Apple Stores and iTunes. Apple Store gift card on the other is only valid in Apple Stores (In-store and offline)

What Are The Payment Methods?

We offer four payment methods for gift card transactions. You can be paid in naira, cedis, bitcoins and at the same time, you can convert your APPLE cards to TEHTER USDT.

How much does an Apple Store Gift Card Cost?

Use the Prestmit Rate Calculator to check for the value of your Apple Store gift card. You can also trade the Apple branded gift card on the easy to use Prestmit.

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