An iTunes gift card is the pre-paid credit for Apple’s numerous digital services. It includes the iTunes Store, Apple’s online store for software and media where you can buy various items like music, movies, and apps. Purchasing Apple Music and other Apple services with iTunes gift cards is also an option.

You can find all kinds of material, software, and entertainment on iTunes, which Apple runs. Also, you can buy Apps, books, music, movies, and other items with an iTunes gift card.

When you redeem your iTunes gift card, you can spend the credit on the following services:

  • Music, movies, and TV shows from iTunes and the Apple TV app
  • Apps and games from the iOS App Store and Mac Apple Store. It includes Apple Arcade subscriptions
  • Subscriptions with iTunes accounts. It has Apple TV+ or Apple News+
  • Books from Apple Books
  • iCloud storage space upgrade

Broadly, iTunes gift card exists in two (2) forms:

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1. iTunes physical gift cards: these are plastic cards purchased from convenience stores.

2. iTunes Ecode: these cards are purchased in codes online, and buyers receive them via email. However, you can buy iTunes Ecodes from Apple Store.

Given that a $100 iTunes gift card has a somewhat large denomination, you might be asking how much a $100 iTunes gift card is worth in Nigeria or how to exchange a $100 iTunes gift card for Nigerian naira. So look no further, as this article aims to address your queries in understanding the resale value and how to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria.

Why Should You Use An iTunes Gift Card?

1. iTunes Gift Card Bolsters Business

The iTunes gift card is ideal for advertising campaigns. They may also serve as giveaways in online competitions. Businesses can also include them in gift baskets for devoted customers. At trade shows, they are effective as giveaways. What’s next? They are useful as straightforward expressions of gratitude for anyone.

2. The Card Is Useful Online

Additionally, you can forget about taking the stress of going to physical stores. With an iTunes gift card, you may save time and money by ordering your gift card online. Additionally, you eliminate the stress associated with holiday shopping. Aside from that, your gift is sent quickly to the recipient online.

A variety of denominations are available for this gift card. Either a component or the entire package could contain it. The gender of the recipient would not be a factor because it is a gift that anyone may utilise. If you’re having difficulty finding the right present for someone, consider this gift card.

3. iTunes Card Is Flexible

Anyone, including iOS and Android users, can use the iTunes card thanks to its flexibility. For movie buffs, you can use an iTunes card to buy both music and movies on Apple Music and Apple TV. If you enjoy reading, Apple Books provides an extensive selection of books from which you can choose and buy as many as you want with a gift card. The iTunes gift card lets you download high-quality games to keep yourself engaged if you’re a gaming enthusiast.

4. The Card Does Not Expire

The iTunes card is not one of the many gift cards with an expiration date. With this gift card, you can be sure that your card will always be available. In the unlikely event of issues redeeming your gift card, the likelihood that you didn’t purchase it from a reputable source is high. If you are sure that the card is an Apple Store Gift Card with a 16-digit code, redeeming your credit on it is an easy process.

5. Reasonable Resale Value

One of the gift cards with the best resale value is the iTunes gift card. The popularity of Apple products is driving up demand for this gift card. If you no longer need your card, you can sell it for a reasonable amount.

How Much Is A $100 iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria?

The value of iTunes gift cards changes over time for different social and economic reasons. The law of demand and supply influences the market price of iTunes cards. A $100 iTunes card currently costs $270. It is equivalent to 27,000 naira. This exchange rate is according to the gift card rate calculator on Prestmit, the top online marketplace for trading any iTunes gift cards.

Prestmit is one of the most successful gifts card trading platforms in Nigeria. Thus, there is no chance you can lose if you swap your iTunes card with them.

Prices of other iTunes gift cards are:

  • USA iTunes/Apple Store physical gift card (100) – $320
  • USA iTunes/Apple Store Ecode (100) – $230
  • USA iTunes Ecode – $200
  • Canada iTunes physical gift card – $90
  • Australia iTunes physical gift card – $100
  • UK iTunes physical gift card – $350
  • Switzerland iTunes physical gift card – $380

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

1. Toss your iTunes gift card and scratch off the coated area above the bar code. The hidden code is what you will enter in the iTunes store to redeem your card.

2. Create and log in to your Apple ID or iTunes account on the iTunes Store.

3. Click on “Redeem” in the account menu.

4. Type in the code and enter. You will instantly receive the amount in your iTunes account balance.

How To Sell $100 iTunes Gift On Prestmit

1. Create an account and log in.

2. Click on “Start Trade”.

3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and navigate the page to fill in the card details.

4. Click on “Category”. In this case, the category is iTunes gift cards.

5. Select “Gift Card”. You will specify whether your gift card is a physical card or an Ecode card.

6. Select “Amount”. Enter the amount you want to sell, which is $100.

7. Upload file: this is optional, but you can upload the image of your iTunes gift card if you choose. If you have the card in Ecode form, leave the upload section empty, but enter the Ecodes in the comment section.

8. Select “Payout Method”. Here, you can choose to receive payment in naira or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT. You will enter the details of your preferred payment destination.

9. Click on “Apply”. You will receive a payment within minutes.


A $100 iTunes gift card is of substantial worth, which helps meet some needs when put up for sale. However, it is essential to trade your card on a credible and reliable gift card trading platform that would give you a fair value for your card.