People in countries like The USA, Canada, and England have adopted gift cards as a more practical option. But in countries like Nigeria and Ghana, where the gift card for gifts culture isn’t standard, gift card traders have turned to gift card trading apps to make their cards useful.

This is because gift card trading is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

There are many digital trading platforms today, but Prestmit holds its crown as one of the best gift card trading apps in Nigeria. This is because of its features that are second to none. 

Trading gift cards online can be risky if you are trading on the wrong app. Traders have encountered several problems, including no payments after transactions, difficulty using apps, and delayed payment, amongst a host of other issues.

Why gift card traders prefer the Prestmit app

However, the Prestmit app was designed with the users in mind to solve the lingering problems facing gift card trading in Nigeria and Ghana. With over 500,000 active users on the platform in its few years of operation, Prestmit is doing something right. 

Before we go into why the Prestmit app is taking over the gift card trading industry by storm, let us understand what the Prestmit app is and what it does.

What Can You Do on the Prestmit App?

The Prestmit app, just like the website platform, is a digital space where gift cardholders in Nigeria and Ghana can sell their gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency. This app also allows users to trade cryptocurrency, buy and sell airtime, and pay utilities.

On the Prestmit app gift card, traders and crypto enthusiasts alike can get their heart desires. This is because you can sell gift cards for the following currencies:

  • Naira
  • Cedis
  • Bitcoins
  • And USDT
  • Mobile Money

The ever-effective app is owned and run by Prestmit Technologies LTD. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple phones.

How Gift Card Traders Can Download The Prestmit App

Downloading the Prestmit app can’t get any easier than it is now. You can go through the official website to see the App Store and Play Store icons. Click on the icon that suits your device to download the app.

Or you can go to the App Store (for Apple products) or Google Play Store ( Android phones), search for the Prestmit app, and download it for free straight from the stores. After you download the app, create an account to explore the wonders of the Prestmit app. 

Factors Gift Card Traders Should Know Before Trading On the Prestmit App

Before starting a trade, you must know a few things as a gift card trader for your security. The following are things you must know about the app.

1. Gift Card Balance Before Trading

It is important to know how much monetary value you have on your gift card before you trade, especially if it’s a used gift card. Failure to know your balance might confuse transactions.

You can check your gift card balance on the issuer’s website or by calling customer care, usually at the back of physical gift cards.

2. Research on Gift Card Rates

Going into a trade without knowledge of the market is like a ship that sets sail without a compass. You will get to a destination but not the desired one. In essence, what I am trying to say is to do some research on gift card rates with a Rate Calculator.

A rate calculator is an automated calculator that helps gift card traders determine the rate at which a gift card sells on an app.

3. Identify the Gift Card with the Highest Rates

To succeed in the gift card trading industry, knowing the gift cards that sell at the highest rates is important to maximize your earnings. This is why you can check the best gift card rates on Prestmit to have an overview of the value of each of these gift cards.

4. Make Sure You Protect Your Gift Card Number

Your gift card number/pin is more or less your gift card, so if anybody manages to get hold of those numbers, they can use your gift card before you attempt to use it. This is why keeping your gift card numbers safe is strongly advised. 

You are still wondering what makes the Prestmit app different from the others. The answer to the question is the exact reason why gift card traders prefer the Prestmit app. 

Why Gift Card Traders Prefer The Prestmit App 

Gift card traders in Nigeria and Ghana are all gradually leaning, in large numbers, towards the Prestmit app.

If you attempt to understand why it is becoming a trend, you will realize that it is all in the way the app was set up to assist its users without supervision. 

Here are a few characteristics that make the Prestmit app stand out from the rest:

1. Best Gift Card Rates

On the Prestmit app, traders are assured of selling their gift cards at the highest rates in the market today. This has to be a significant reason why more and more traders keep signing up on the app. Prestmit offers the best gift card rates in Nigeria and Ghana.

2. You Can Sell Your Gift Cards At Anytime

The Prestmit app is open 24/7 for users to trade any time and any day. You can sell many gift cards on the Prestmit app, a perk of the app over other gift card trading platforms. In addition, there is responsive customer support that helps you with your trading needs anytime you need a guide.

3. Payment on the App is Instant

Many gift card traders have made the Prestmit app their home because payment is instant. This gives the traders confidence in the app, as the completion of every transaction on the platform is lightning-fast. You sell fast and receive payment immediately on Prestmit.

4. Trading is Secure

On the Prestmit app, your gift card info is secure till you get paid. Over 500,000 active users on the platform have been trading repeatedly because they know the Prestmit app is secure. The app employs sophisticated security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and biometrics for Prestmit users to access their accounts on the app.

5. Multiple Payment Options

The Prestmit app supports fiat and cryptocurrencies as payment options. This is dependent on the preferences of our users. You can sell your gift card for fiat currencies like naira and cedi and a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

6. User-Friendly Interface

The Prestmit app was intuitively designed to make trading seamless for beginner and advanced traders. The app is easy to navigate with sleek features that improve customer experience. In addition, the steps of trading on the app are few, hence making it fascinating to use.

How To Sell Gift Card On Prestmit App

Why gift card traders prefer the Prestmit app

The following are the simple steps to sell gift cards on the Prestmit app:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in
  • Click on “Buy & Sell gift cards.”
  • Click on “Sell gift card.”
  • Choose your preferred payment method (naira, cedis, or Bitcoin).
  • Choose your preferred gift card in the gift card category
  • Select your preferred gift card type
  • Enter the amount of the gift card
  • Upload the image of the card or enter its code in the comment section
  • Click on “Apply” to proceed with the completion of the transaction
  • You will instantly receive payment in your Prestmit wallet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Buy Gift Cards On Prestmit App?

The Prestmit app is your one-stop platform to buy and sell various gift cards. As such, you can buy your gift card on this platform at the best prices with instant delivery. You can buy Amazon gift cards, Apple gift cards, Steam cards, and Google Play on the app.

What is The Best App To Trade Gift Cards In Nigeria

Although there is a proliferation of gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, Prestmit leads the cart as the best gift card trading platform. This is owed to its security system, instant payment, and user-friendly interface, which make the platform attractive to users.

In Conclusion

Gift cards are a great asset to own due to the range of benefits that align with their value. That is why trading your card can be a better alternative to shopping at different stores that support the respective cards.

Therefore, you can consider the Prestmit app as the best platform to trade your gift card with confidence and satisfaction. This app is simple and easy for everyone, regardless of your experience.