Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria? This is a popular question asked by people who want to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Why? Because they always want to have the cards with very high resale value. Knowing the gift cards with the highest rate is an added advantage and we’ve got the right information for you. Here is a list of gift cards in Nigeria with the highest rates.

Apple store gift card

Apple is definitely everyone’s favorite because it is the most sought after in the gift card market. It is one of the best gift cards in Nigeria with the highest rate in the market trading. It can be used at Apple retail outlets to buy gadgets.

Google Play Gift card

This gift card is very popular and easy to sell. It’s the second high rate gift card. If you have a Google account, you can redeem it at Google Play store. However, for instant cash, We at Prestmit, buy.

Sephora Gift Card

Sephora cards are used in buying physical items from the Sephora store. It has the same rate as the Google Play card.

Amazon Gift Card

This card can never go out of demand. It is used for the purchase of both physical and digital goods from Amazon. You can get up to 92% of the face value of an Amazon gift card back when you decide to exchange for cash, except you’re desperate to sell it.

ITunes Card

iTunes cards are popular in Nigeria. It is not the same as an Apple store gift card. The difference between the two is while you can use Apple store gift cards to purchase physical items in the Apple store like iPhones and iPads, iTunes card can only be used to buy music, movies and all from the iTunes Store. You can get up to 83% of the face value when you exchange your card for cash or crypto. 

Other cards with the highest rates to also sell are:

Walmart Gift card

eBay Gift card

Steam Gift card

Whether or not you have the highest gift card rates, if you do not know or have the right platform to trade them, it’s a big loss! Selling your gift cards and selling your gift cards at good value are two different things.

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