Rate Calculator

If you are looking for the best rates for gift cards in Nigeria, you can find that on Prestmit.

With our automated gift card rate calculator, you can get the rate of any gift card in real-time, just visit this page at any time.

Rates are updated frequently, multiple times a day, as the market value is quite volatile.

On Prestmit, you can easily convert gift cards to naira at these rates. But this page is for those who are interested in knowing how much a particular gift card is at any moment.


The category is the name of the gift card brand. But there are several options under each gift card brand.

First, you have to select the category (name of the gift card), then the subcategories under it will be displayed. E.G USA STEAM PHYSICAL (20-100) means: Steam Gift Card bought in USA, Physical (you have the picture), 20-100 (The amount is within 20-100).