If you own a lot of gift cards and now you are unsure about what to do with them, we suggest you to sell your gift cards for cash. It is prudent to understand that if your card has an expiry date, it may make selling it slightly challenging. These days, it has become trendy to offer gift cards to friends and relatives to mark a special occasion or during festivals. It is hugely appreciated as it gives you an opportunity to pick out services or products that holds value for you.

What to do with cards you are not going to use?

If you have received gift cards from a retailer you won’t be using or don’t especially care for, or you bought the gift card, you can sell your gift cards for cash instead of letting it go unused. The amount you will get in return will largely depend on the popularity of the gift card’s affiliated retailer.

If you are looking forward to getting the most value out of the gift cards that are of no use for you, following certain tips can make things easier for you-

Read Reviews About the Websites

There are several websites that allow people to exchange or sell their gift cards. Before approaching any website, it is prudent to do your homework and ensure steering clear from shady websites. Many of the sites will make tall claims and will sell your card but conveniently fail to pay you. Sometimes, the buyer drains the card and claim for a chargeback. Thus, deal only with the websites that you find reliable.

Sell the Gift Cards to Your Friends or Family Members

You can also consider selling unused gift cards to friends or relatives which can equally maximize value. While doing so, just keep a few caveats in mind. Many gift cards are unusable in all parts of the world.

Keep Card Expiry Date in Mind

Many gift cards come with an expiry date. So, when you are planning to sell gift cards for cash, ensure that it is still valid for sometimes. Else, it will become quite challenging for you to sell the card.