Prestmit Promo Codes

About Promo Codes

Prestmit Promo codes are more like discount codes, or coupon codes that when applied on trade page, you get extra money on your trade amount. From time to time, Prestmit issue out Promo codes for different purposes; may be act of random kindness, to celebrate a milestone, to reward customers, promotions e.t.c.

Generally, as a Prestmit user, you are entitled to using Promo codes as long as you meet the Promo code requirements. The extra value you will get on your trade amount depends on the value of the promo code itself. Available promo codes are frequently posted on Prestmit social media pages, sent via emails and also the latest promo code is always updated on this page.

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Latest Promo Code

₦1,000 ACTIVE

Get 1000 Naira Extra On Any Trade Above 20,000 Naira.

  • EXPIRY DATE: Wed, Oct 4, 2023 12:00 PM (3 days from now)
  • USAGE LIMIT: 300000 *Expires after 300000 applications*
  • CATEGORIES (The code will work for ALL categories).

How To Use Promo Codes

This is a quick walkthrough on How to use Prestmit Promo Codes easily and get some extra cash for yourself.

Locate The Field

On the trade page, locate the field titled "Promo Code". It's a small text field where you are meant to input or paste the promo code.


Input the code manually in the box or paste it if you already have it copied. Ensure that there are no spaces in between, before or after the code.

Apply Code

There is a small button beside the field that says "APPLY CODE". Once you click this button, the system will check if your trade details meet the requirements of the promo code.

Get Result

If successful, the amount on the promo code would be added to your trade amount E.G If your trade is 30,000 naira and the promo code amount is 2,000 naira, that means you'll receive 32,000 naira total.

Remove Code

In case the code did not work, that means it didn't meet the requirement. You can choose to remove it to add another one, or proceed with the trade without CODE. Note that promo codes are optional.


This is a quick screenshot of what it looks like after applying the code.


Just In Case You Need Help.

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