Is Firevip legit or a scam

The internet is a space full of many opportunities, which include money-making opportunities. Truly, there are many ways to make money online, as many platforms offer these opportunities on a platter of gold.

You may have heard of some popular online platforms where people can get paid for taking surveys, downloading and giving reviews on apps and performing many other duties.

Firevip is an example of this type of online money-making platform. Firevip is a Nigerian online platform that promised to change the lives of its users as long as they can click on ads on the platform and earn money.

Many have propagated that this platform cannot fulfil its promises or has never fulfilled any of its promises to eligible users, hence, just one of those scam platforms on the internet.

Others believe Firevip is the best opportunity to make money on the internet.

The controversies around Firevip have driven us to write this article review and deduce if this platform is legit or a scam.


Background Of Firevip

Firevip is a platform that promises to pay people money by performing tasks online. It is easy to jump into this because it sounds so real, of course, there are many legit platforms out there where you can make money by performing small tasks on the platform. However, Firevip is quite tricky, and you need to understand more about this platform before you draw your conclusion.

Nobody is yet sure when this platform was launched, but many rumours have it that it surfaced in June 2022. 

The earning hierarchy of the platform works like a pyramid. Even though you’re not required to invite anyone before you can earn, the earning structure requires you to give more to earn more.

The free package gives users a daily amount of #100 for clicking on ads. When they have accumulated the sum of N4,000, they can withdraw their money to their bank accounts. But why earn just N100 when Firevip has promised to offer 20 folds of that? You will find out how users can earn a whopping N20,000 daily on Firevip in the next section of this post.

Features Of Fire Firevip

This platform is known for paying users for clicking on ads daily, which can be withdrawn anytime they reach a minimum of N4,000.

It rewards the newly signed-up users with an N100 bonus which can be withdrawn after they have rented an advertising machine. Yes, users are required to rent an advertising machine of their choice which will display more ads and allow them to earn more.

There are six levels of these advertising machines, depending on which you can afford, and the machines can be rented for one year.

The A-level ads machine on Firevip allows users to earn N200 instead of the initial N100 they earned from the free package. However, they need to pay an upgrade fee of N4,000 and earn up to N6,000 monthly.

If users want to earn more than this, they can upgrade to a B-level ads machine at the upgrade fee of N16,000 and earn N851.2 daily while blocking ads on the platform. 

C-level ads machine requires an upgrade fee of N40,000, and a user on this plan will earn N2,256 daily while clicking ads and earn about N67,680 monthly.

If you are unsatisfied with this plan and want to earn, Firevip says, “welcome”. You can upgrade to a D-level ads machine which costs about N160,000, and earn up to N9,536 daily by clicking ads. By the end of the month, you would have earned N286,080 by just clicking ads.

But Firevip can still offer more than that if you’re willing to rent a higher ads machine. The E-level ads machine can be rented for N320,000, and you will earn N20,096 daily by clicking ads.

Then finally, the F-level is the final level for the ads machine renting, and this particular machine requires the user to pay N960,000 and earn N63,360 daily. 

Remember, these ads clicking activities do not take more than 3 minutes to complete. In most cases, the ads are about 1-2 minute videos.

In as much as these offers sound so good, they sound too good to be true. Firevip has the same features and mode of operation as previous platforms like MMM, Racksterli, and Ultimate cycler, which you’ve heard about in the past.

Is Firevip scam or legit?

User Reviews and Feedback

From the information and reviews we have gathered online, especially from previous users of this platform, Firevip is nothing but a Ponzi scheme that has ceased operation as of this writing.

Even though some of the old users gave positive reviews that they had been paid before, the new users who rented the “ads machine” have lost their investment as the platform has not paid them as promised. 

Expert Opinion and Analysis

Industry experts have faulted the platform’s foundation and proved that it is just a Ponzi scheme designed to lure unsuspecting people

According to experts, no platform will easily pay that percentage interest on users’ investments on their ads machine. It is only a get-rich-quick scheme designed to crash when they can no longer fund it.

Also, the platform has no known founder or any known physical address or is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a legal business. 

When the platform stopped paying around August 2022, the admins on their telegram channel claimed that their legal practitioners were meeting with the government to sort out the payment system. Still, these were all lies to cover up for their impending doom.

FAQs On Firevip

1. Who Owns

Nobody can say till now. There’s no information on that.

2. Can I Register on Firevip Without Renting an Ad Machine?

Yes, of course, there’s a provision to earn for free.

3. Is Firevip a Registered Company?

No, there’s no proof that they are registered and legally authorised to run a business in Nigeria.

4. Is Firevip Still Paying?

No, as of this writing, the platform does not function anymore.

5. Should I Invest With

Do not invest in Firevip, it is not a legit platform, and you will lose your money.

6. Is Firevip a Scam?

Yes, by now, it should be clear that the platform is a scam.


In conclusion, Firevip is not a legit platform where you can earn money online by clicking or watching ads. This does not mean that no other legit websites offer these services. You can make money online by filling out surveys, watching ads, playing games etc., on platforms such as Swagbucks and surveyjunkie.