Digital Trading Services

Company Details :
  • Location : Nigeria
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  • Phone : +2347026290389

About us :

At Prestmit, we believe everyone deserves the chance to gain, profit, and benefit from modern digital assets, which drives us to help those most in need.

Almost no business is immune from the need for quality team members. The act of building quality products, and making customers happy, are both the core engine of value creation in companies across all industries. Prestmit is no different, and we need you, as one of our quality team members.

At Prestmit, we try to provide competitive salary well within proper range, health insurance, flexible working duration, flexible work location (remote and on-site) and other amazing benefits.

Join The Team :

You could have the skills we need, you could be the one we need. Let's work together and see where we go from there?