Our financial system has evolved tremendously into a more advanced setting than it used to be due to financial technology. Many platforms have emerged to make our lives easier and less stressful than they used to be. 

Eazymobile is one such fintech platform that affirms being passionate about making the world, especially Nigeria, a better place through its services.

However, just like our normal human instincts suggest, many people have reservations about this Eazymobile platform and whether it can be trusted. Some others do not know about their history, products and services. 

After much research and consultations, we have decided to write a short review about Eazymobile. This article will tell you all you need to know about the platform, the exact products it deals with, and possibly allay your fears due to inadequate information.

Eazymobile logo

Let’s Talk About Eazymobile

Eazymobile is an online fintech and digital trading platform created by Eazy Global Solutions Limited, a telecom company that offers numerous financial services to users.

The services offered by this platform include airtime to cash transactions, airtime top-ups, electricity purchases, data purchases, money transfers, cable TV subscriptions etc.

Initial registration on the platform is free, but it has a package for every customer who wishes to upgrade their account for cheaper products through discounts.

For example, a new user registers under the “Customer” package, which is free and can enjoy up to a 5% discount.

A user can upgrade to the “Reseller” package with a fee of #500 to enjoy up to a 15% discount on transactions.

The following package is the “Agent” package which requires the user to pay #1000 as a membership and enjoy up to 25% discount on their transactions.

The last and the highest package you can subscribe to is “Merchant”, which requires a user to pay #1500 as a membership fee to enjoy up to 50% discount on Eazymobile transactions.

Eazymobile provides a unique wallet to every user with which they can receive and save their money. You can fund this wallet through different means, such as via bank transfer, ATM card, Bitcoin and airtime.

What More Should We Know?

Remember that users of the Eazymobile platform can upgrade their membership to different packages with some token. The platform offers the service of creating and managing a bill payment website for users. This is called “Reseller’s website” and has exactly all the features of the original Eazymobile website but a different homepage and dashboard. 

This website offers all the same products and services as the main website, while the merchants make money from every order placed on their website.

The reseller’s website is directly connected to the main Eazymobile website so that every purchase made through the reseller’s end automatically goes to Eazymobile in the name of that merchant.

The merchants will control their websites through the admin page and fix their desired prices for the products. 

Data and airtime pricing on the platform are too incoherent to understand. According to a user’s membership subscription, the platform sells its products, such as data, airtime, and electric power, unlike other platforms like Prestmit, where prices are lower and uniform.

Products And Services Offered By Eazymobile

Eazymobile is an online platform that offers users some essential financial services and products. If you find Eazymobile an exciting platform to provide solutions for all your financial needs, here are some of the services and products you will get.

  • Airtime and Data Purchase: You can quickly buy mobile data or airtime from the network of your choice through this platform. The best news is that Eazymobile offers a discount to package subscribers.
  • Cable TV Subscription: Eazymobile claims that users can subscribe to their DSTV, GoTV and Startimes cable on the platform at very cheap rates.
  • Airtime To Cash: Users can quickly flip bulk airtime to cash on the platform, and they will get paid instantly. 
  • Build vs Buy: This service offers users the opportunity of having a replica of the Eazymobile website where they can build a simplified system and make an affiliated profit from the platform. 
  • Other Utility Bills Payment: Users can pay utility bills such as electricity tokens on the Eazymobile platform at very cheap rates.

In case you are not satisfied with the pricing modalities of the platform, you can use other platforms like Prestmit where prices of airtime, data and other utility bills are cheaper and the same for every user. You can also, sell gift cards and Bitcoins for cash and fund betting accounts on this platform unlike Eaxymobile.

 Is Eazymobile Legit Or Scam?

Indeed, many dubious platforms are ready to con you and take your money, so it is understandable when you are very sceptical.

Easy mobile is a Nigerian company with an address located at 15 Harmony Estate Road, 110124, Abeokuta, Ogun State and a registration number RC 3062123. From the human perspective, this is a registered company with a physical address somewhere in Nigeria. But this is not enough to tick it off as a legit platform.

Some time ago, some controversies surrounded the Eazymobile platform, which pointed it out as an investment scheme which promises users a 10% ROI per 25 days. 

Even though this investment package proposition was not displayed on their website, it was on a Facebook page named after “Eazy Global Solutions”, a partner brand to Eazymobile, that the fliers of this investment proposal were displayed.

While we want to believe that this is not from the main Eazymobile platform since it’s not on their website, we urge you to be very careful with such mouth-watering offers. Remember that if it’s too good to be true, it’s not true. No legitimate platform will afford to pay users interest of over 120% per annum.

As of the time of this writing, to the best of our knowledge, there’s nothing yet suggesting that Eazymobile is a fraudulent platform. 


Eazymobile platform offers many financial products and services at cheap rates 24/7. The platform promises to help users facilitate their financial transactions very cheaply, fast and seamlessly. Users can also upgrade on the platform through membership packages to get discounts and earn money by registering as merchants who own and manage the reseller’s website.

Note: This article is solely the writer’s opinion and should not be considered financial or investment advice. You should do your research to decide on the financial decision you wish to take.