Gift Cards Trader in Nigeria

How To Sell Vanilla Gift Card In Nigeria

One of the biggest challenges people who get tons of gift cards face is where to sell the gift cards. The choice of the numerous platforms where these gift cards can be redeemed depends on the cardholder. Numerous platforms in Nigeria offer the services of buying gift cards from the owners in exchange for cash, USDT, or crypto. That is to say that you can comfortably and conveniently sell any type of gift card on these platforms and get your reward in whatever payment method you choose. However, the business of gift card trading has been clogged by some limitations of which one is a “gift card scam”. A lot of people have been victimized in their quest to find a reliable platform to sell their gift cards comfortably. In this article, we would discuss how to sell your Vanilla gift card on a trusted and reliable platform like Prestmit, but before that, let’s have a highlight what this Vanilla gift card is.

What Is A Vanilla Gift Card

The Vanilla Gift Card is a prepaid Visa gift card that ranges from $10 to $500. To many people, the idea of a Vanilla gift card sounds like the perfect gift for special occasions and the suitable gifts of appreciation to clients, employees, and business partners. It can be redeemed on different online and physical retail stores and it has an expiry date. It can also come in both physical form and E-codes. One thing to note about the Vanilla gift card is, it’s a prepaid card which means that funds can be reloaded on the card when exhausted through designated merchants.

How To Sell Vanilla Gift Card In Nigeria

Recall when I said earlier that the quest for selling gift cards on a reliable platform has initiated a rise in the number of gift card scams. Despite all these, there are reputable platforms where people have had the best experience while trading. The best of these platforms is Prestmit, a Nigerian and Ghana-based gift card trading platform, and this is the platform we use for this topic.

The steps involved in trading your Vanilla gift card on Prestmit are;

  1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT and LOG IN: To be eligible to start trading your gift card on our platform, you need to create an account if you didn’t have one and then proceed to log in. 
  2. Click on the  “START TRADE” button to get started.
  3. Select “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the next page: Then scroll down the page to fill in the trade details.
  4. Select “CATEGORY”: On this page, select the brand name of the gift card you wish to sell. If you have a Vanilla gift card, select Vanilla gift card.
  5. Select “GIFT CARD”: This is where you will further specify what “type” of gift card you have and want to sell. For example, USA Vanilla physical or USA Vanilla E-code(50-100). What this simply means is that your iTunes card is from USA physical means you have a picture of it but E-code means it’s in code format and 50-100 means that your Vanilla card amount is within 50 to 100 dollars.
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: In this section, you will enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. If you are selling a $50 Vanilla gift card in 5 pieces, that means the total amount is 250.

The price value for the Vanilla gift card will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. This is calculated by an automated rate calculator according to the current rates and best rates. Prestmit offers the best rate for all gift card trading. 

  1. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of your gift card. You can upload up to 25 pictures in a trade. If you are trading E-code, it means it doesn’t require a picture, just leave this field empty and enter the E-codes in the comment section.
  2. Select PAYOUT METHOD: When you sell your Vanilla gift card, you can be paid either in NAIRA, CEDIS, BITCOINS or USDT, all you need to do is to select your preferred payment method.

Enter the payout address when you select either BITCOIN or USDT, which is where your payment will be sent when the trade is completed.

SEND DIRECTLY: There is a check box that says “Send Directly To My Bank Account”. The money will be sent directly to your bank account if you click this box. However, this is only applicable to either naira or cedis payment method and you will have to select the preferred bank and bank details.

Finally, click ” APPLY” and your payment will be made in a few minutes.