Do you remember that time someone sent you a gift from abroad? Was it money or a physical gift? You can attest to how great it feels. It used to be cumbersome to send gifts across countries, but there are several gift cards for global gifting and international use today.

Usually, you can only buy and send someone a gift card in the same country as you. At least, that’s what we all thought. But what if there are gift cards you can use across borders?

Today, we’ll list the top 7 gift cards for global gifting and international use. So, get ready to surprise your family and friends abroad.

Benefits Of Using Gift Cards For International Gifting

So what’s the point of sending gift cards to your folks in other countries?

  1. It’s a good gift allowing recipients to get what they need.
  2. It can help loved ones who may have financial constraints and cannot access a debit or credit card at any moment.
  3. International gift cards can serve as incentives to reward employees.

The major advantages of global gift cards are

  • Convenience

It’s easier to send a gift card to any country than to look for ways to send physical gifts.

  • Flexibility

With gift cards, the recipients can do as they please. They can redeem the card or exchange it for cash. They can also sell it if they choose to. Most importantly, global gift cards can be used in different countries.

Top 7 Gift Cards For Global Gifting

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Steam
  • Airbnb
  • Sephora


1. Mastercard

mastercard gift card for global gifting

The MasterCard gift card should probably be the poster card for international gift cards. It’s an excellent choice for global gifting as it can be redeemed in over 200 countries worldwide. You can send Mastercard gift cards as plastic cards or via email as an e-card. Your recipient can use them to pay for dining, travel, shopping and entertainment in physical stores and online.

The benefits of using a Mastercard gift card for global gifting are its convenience to your recipient and the flexibility of use in different countries and for various purposes. They’re also customisable.

2. Visa

visa gift card for global gifting

Visa gift cards are another versatile choice for international use. These cards come in various options, some of which can be customisable. You can identify these Visa gift cards with pictures and other features. Visa cards can be sent as physical cards or as e-gift cards. It is accepted in numerous countries worldwide as long as a Visa card is acceptable in the particular store or merchant. So, provided the recipient knows how to maximise their Visa gift card, it’s a very thoughtful gift.

3. Amazon

Amazon gift card for global gifting

You can’t discuss gift cards for global gifting or international use without considering Amazon. This brand is well-renowned globally as a one-stop shop for almost everything. Therefore, it makes sense that their gift cards will be ideal for your next gift to that special person abroad.

Regardless of where your recipient is in the world, they can just go online and redeem their Amazon gift card. From gadgets and gizmos to clothes and groceries, books, accessories, you name it. It’s most likely on Amazon. Hence, it’s that perfect global gift card you’ve been searching for. It’s flexible, very convenient and reloadable.

4. Spotify

spotify gift card


Most people like music, but for those who love it, a Spotify gift card would be a declaration of your love and appreciation for them. A Spotify card gives the owner access to the Spotify store, where they can stream music and podcasts without distraction from ads. They can also create their own playlists from more than 70 million songs and podcasts on the platform.

Because it’s an online service, Spotify cards are great for global gifting.

5. Steam

Steam card

Shout out to all gaming enthusiasts and those who love them. Whether at home or across the border, they’d always appreciate an opportunity to try new games or add little updates to the ones they already have. Cue Steam gift cards!

Steam gift cards allow users to access the Steam store to download new games, in-game accessories and game-development software. So you don’t need to brainstorm about what to gift your game-loving friend/family who lives in another country.

Steam gift cards can be redeemed online, meaning anyone in any country can use them. They can also be redeemed for hardware in physical stores across the world.

6. Airbnb

airbnb gift card

Doesn’t the name Airbnb take you straight to fantasies about your dream vacations? You can give that to your favourite cousin or uncle abroad who has been complaining that they need a break. Now they can go without worrying about where to stay.

Add Airbnb gift cards to your list of thoughtful global gifting ideas because they can be used anywhere in the world, provided Airbnb services are available in the region. One good thing about these gift cards is that they do not expire. So your recipient can use them whenever and wherever they travel for any occasion.

7. Sephora

sephora card

Give your female friends, colleagues or family members a Sephora gift card. Since many women invest a lot in their appearance, this gift card will come in handy as some of these beauty products can be expensive. With a gift card, one can buy skincare, beauty, makeup products and body creams.

Sephora gift cards are ideal for global gifting and international use because there are physical Sephora stores in over 35 countries, with plans to extend their reach into other countries in the coming years. So, it’s as good as international gets. Besides, your recipient can also redeem their Sephora card online. You can send a physical card or an e-card. There is an option for companies to gift their employees as well.


How To Buy And Send Gift Cards For Global Gifting

You can buy an e-gift card online for your international recipient and have it sent electronically. There’s no need to look for the physical card and try to ship it via DHL or other courier services, although that option is available for some cards.

Here’s how you can buy a gift card for global gifting online.

  1. Find a gift card vendor and ensure that they sell your preferred gift card. For example, you can buy gift cards online through Prestmit.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Navigate to the shop and choose the card you intend to buy.
  4. Add the card to your cart.
  5. Proceed to checkout and fill in the details. You might need to complete a KYC form, depending on your chosen vendor.
  6. You will receive the gift card. Then you can gift it to someone by putting in their email address and any other information you might be required to provide.

After you’ve purchased the card, you’d have to send it via email to a person in another country. Use these tips to ensure they receive your gift card without any hassles.

  • Ensure you carefully enter the name and email address of the recipient. Any mistakes may result in sending the card to another person or completely losing the card.
  • Crosscheck the value you choose, whether it’s $20 or $200, to avoid spending more than you budgeted. You’ll also avoid sending the wrong value if you simultaneously send cards to many people.

FAQs About Gift Cards For Global Gifting

1. What are the benefits of using gift cards for global gifting?

Gift cards al g are convenient for both the sender and recipient because they don’t have to stress over logistics. It’s also flexible because most gift cards have no expiration date so the recipient can use them whenever needed. They are also more useful to the recipient because they can use them to get what they want or exchange them for cash.

2. Are there any fees associated with purchasing or using gift cards abroad?

Most gift cards do not have activation or transaction fees. You only need to pay for the card. However, Visa gift cards may have activation fees. Aside from this, no other fees are required for a gift card to be used internationally.

3. Can the gift cards be easily redeemed by international recipients?

Yes. An international recipient can use a gift card they received without any protocols.

4. How can I check my gift card balance while abroad?

Firstly, if you haven’t used the card, you can just check the back of the card to see what it’s worth. If you have used the card, you must log in to the card issuer’s website. For example, if you have a Visa gift card, you will visit the card site and enter your 16-digit number and security pin.

5. Are there any restrictions on using these gift cards in certain countries?

Most of the cards for global gifting are not restricted for use in any country. Some others are limited to the country where their brand has its biggest market. An example is Amex gift cards which can only be used in the United States.


Tips For Choosing The Right Gift Card For International Use

Consider the following factors when sending a gift card to a recipient for international use.

  • Recipient’s age, hobbies and needs. This information will give you clues on which card would suit them better. For example, you shouldn’t give an entertainment lover a gamer’s gift card.
  • The recipient’s country of residence. You’ll know if there is a restriction on use in that country.
  • Your budget. Some cards may have higher minimum card amounts than you planned to spend.

It is helpful if you know the recipient and what they either like or need. That way, you’ll send them a gift card that they will use and not just dump in their wallet or drawer.


Using gift cards for global gifting will save you a lot of stress and serve the beneficiary of your goodwill. While there are numerous options to choose from, we listed the top 7 in this article. They’re the best and most versatile gift cards for international use.

If you’re yet to try gifting someone a gift card, whether within your country or internationally, this is your sign to go right ahead and do it. Gone are the days when people worried about what to send a loved one or an employee in appreciation. Gift cards are flexible and convenient for both you and the recipient.