Did you know that cash isn’t the only form of payment you can use to buy gift cards? Well in case you ever doubted it this article has been designed to help its readers figure out how to use Bitcoin to earn gift cards. But first a quick history of Bitcoin

A Brief History on Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency created by the unknown genius, Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Due to the head start it is and might be, the highest valued crypto for a long long time. Factual reports also state that presently the cryptocurrency is the highest valued asset in the world. Having a reasonable stash of Bitcoin is a smart move because there is no telling how high it rises value-wise.

What About Gift Cards?

Gift cards on the other hand are the solution to gifting headaches. What does that mean? They help gift-givers think less of what to get for loved ones. Thinking of what particular gift to get for a person could be a very daunting task. How do you know what “Chidera” wants if she has never told you? Note that you are trying to surprise her with the gift so you can’t ask her for her gift preference. God help the gift giver if they buy the wrong item. Anyways, thank God for gift cards as the gifter can buy for example an Amazon gift card for Chidera. This will enable the receiver to buy whatever she really wants, problem solved. So what are they? They are physical or online cards usually issued by a particular brand with prepaid money loaded on them. These cards are used as a replacement for conventional cash and debit/credit cards when making payments.

Now to the matter at hand using Bitcoins to buy gift cards. If you’ve always had Bitcoins, it means your stock must have a reason, therefore, making you profit on your investment. With the holidays approaching (Detty December 2) it’s time to put your Bitcoin to work and spread the love. It’s time to convert some of your precious Bitcoin to gift cards and put smiles on faces. Let us now figure out how to convert the highest valued crypto to love-sharing gift cards.

How to Spread the Love with Gift Cards Via Bitcoin

Okay now we are finally here, the moment we’ve all been looking forward to. Let’s show you the steps to follow to buy gift cards with Bitcoin from the comfort of your house.

  1. Go online and select a platform or store that trades gift cards for Cryptocurrency.
  2. Choose the gift cards you want then add them to your cart.
  3. At CHECK OUT, select Bitcoin as your mode of payment.
  4. Pay with Bitcoin from your wallet and the cards will be yours.

Easy right? Now you can be Santa with the gift cards thanks to the fact that you were wise enough to invest in Bitcoin…. And yeah, I almost forgot to give you an important message. Should in case you are not able to give out all the gift cards they can still be useful.You can sell them off for Bitcoin on a platform that offers the best gift cards rates.