Many crypto experts have predicted that the price of Bitcoin will soar above the all-time-high price of $67,000 in November 2021. This prediction has triggered the interest of many crypto enthusiasts in accumulating more Bitcoin in their crypto portfolio. Smart investors understand that the current bear Bitcoin market is a temporal opportunity presented in a platter of gold to accumulate great wealth.

As of the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading around the $21,000 price level which is one of its lowest since it hit $67,000 last year. The good news is that you don’t need to break a bank to buy Bitcoin at this price and also, you can buy a fraction of Bitcoin worth any amount of dollar you have.

However, there are many ways to lay your hands on Bitcoins and gain from this cryptocurrency when it makes a bullish breakout by the end of the year.

Apart from funding your crypto exchange with fiat currencies to buy Bitcoin, you can easily exchange your Gift Cards for Bitcoins and get paid the same day.

Almost everyone buys Gift Cards for making in-store and offline purchases, some receive Gift Cards for birthdays, weddings and seasonal presents from friends and families too. 

So, realizing that your Gift Card has the same monetary value as fiat money, how can you trade your Gift Card for Bitcoin and get paid on that same day?

This article will explain extensively, where to buy Bitcoins with a Gift Card and how to trade Gift Cards for Bitcoins and get paid instantly.

What Is A Gift Card And What Is It Used For?

A Gift Card or gift voucher is a card preloaded with a certain amount of money which is used for in-store and online purchases in stores. A Gift Card is sold by business brands to their customers to enable them to purchase items from the brand without the use of cash or bank cards. On the other hand, people can buy Gift Cards from these brands and gift them to their loved ones, especially during the festive seasons. This will enable them to purchase the gift items of their choice when they visit the store with the store.

Gift Cards are usually in plastic card format but not always. Sometimes, Gift Cards can be in form of digital codes sent to the customer’s email address and can be used to redeem gift items in the store.

Brands sell Gift Cards in different money denominations ranging from $5 – $500. One can also customize one’s Gift Card to a design and money denomination of choice.

Where To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoin And Get Paid The Same Day

Now that you understand the meaning of Gift Card, I don’t doubt that you have some of these cards lurking around somewhere in your home. According to Bankrate, 51% of people have unused Gift Cards and the average person is leaving about $116 on the table which adds up to $15.3 billion nationwide.

It’s about that time you put them to use by exchanging them for Bitcoin to reap the fruit of a good Bitcoin investment in a few times to come.

Fortunately, trading Gift Cards for Bitcoin is not rocket science if you find a good platform to carry out your transaction. Should that worry you? Absolutely not.

There are many cases of some fraudulent platforms extorting traders of their digital assets. This is why you should be cautious of the type of online app you engage in and also make thorough research on them before jumping in.

Nonetheless, the best online Gift Card trading platform is the Prestmit app. 

Prestmit is an online Gift Card and Crypto trading platform that offers users a seamless way of exchanging digital assets at very high rates and getting paid instantly.

Since the platform was founded in 2020, the special and unique features of the app have captured the interest of thousands of online traders. Currently, the Prestmit app has more than 100,000 happy users in Africa trading their Gift Cards for Bitcoin, Naira, Cedis and USDT.

The Prestmit app has many outstanding features that make it an outstanding and best platform for all your digital asset trades. Below are some of the characteristics of the Prestmit app that makes it simply unique.

Features Of The Prestmit App

1. Instant Payment:

Are you looking for a platform that makes payments with the speed of light? Prestmit has you covered in that area and you need not worry. That is to say that if you sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin on the Prestmit app, you’ll get your Bitcoin in your wallet in less than 5 minutes.

2. High Rates:

Thousands of users chose Prestmit for the sole reason of high rates. The platform believes in giving back the same monetary value for assets traded on the platform. Therefore, high rates on all assets are the app’s trademark.

3. Easy To Use:

The platform has a very nice user interface which in turn gives the best user experience. Trading on the platform is quite straightforward.

4. Customer Support / Live Chat:

The Prestmit platform is imbued with a live chat button that initiates a live chat between users and the customer agents who are always on standby to help them sort out any problem. 

5. High Security: 

A good security protocol is the paramount objective of any good platform dealing with digital assets. Prestmit app is built on a very high-security protocol which is impregnable to any form of cyber attack. All digital assets and data of customers are safe on the platform.

6. Multiple Payment Options:

Yes, you can be paid in cash (Naira and Cedis) or crypto (Bitcoin and USDT) when you trade your Gift Cards on Prestmit. Simply choose the method of payment you want and payment will be made instantly.

How You Can Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoin And Get Paid The Same Day

Using the Prestmit app is no big deal at all. Taking the below steps, you can sell your Gift Cards for Bitcoin and get credited to your wallet, instantly.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the Prestmit app, then sign up.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards” 
  3. Click on “Sell Gift Card” and choose a payment method.
  4. Click on  Bitcoin as your payment method.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and select the type of Gift Card you want to sell. Example; Sephora physical card. 
  6. Click on “Gift Card Type” to give further details about the card; the format and the price range of the Gift Card. For example, USA Sephora physical (50-99). This means USA Sephora physical cards between $50-$99.
  7. Click on “AMOUNT” Input the total amount of Gift Cards you’d like to sell for Bitcoin. An automated rate calculator automatically calculates the current gift card rates and displays the value on the screen. 
  8. Upload the Gift Card image if you have a physical card.
  9. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the comment section.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” to complete the transaction. Your BTC wallet will be credited in less than five minutes. 


It’s very possible to trade your Gift Card for Bitcoin and still get paid the same day. In fact, with the Prestmit app, payment in Bitcoin for your trades takes less than 5 minutes to approve.

Why not choose Prestmit today and change your trading? Simply get started by downloading the app on both the App store and Google Play store.