The global gift card is expanding, and as such, you can buy now easily buy and sell your gift cards at any preferred place that is into gift card trading. You can either buy your gift cards from online stores or physical stores, and one such that sell gift card is Tesco. Therefore there is a need for you to know the gift cards this superstore sells for its teeming customers.

You may be wondering about what Tesco is or maybe you have heard about it but you are unclear on what this store is all about. Sit back and relax because this article is to highlight different gift cards you can find for sale at Tesco and how to buy from the store.

What gift cards do Tesco sell?


Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailing chain store headquartered in England. Founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen, this store has grown to be a leading grocery retailer as it accounts for 28.4% of the total grocery retailing market in the United Kingdom.

For over six decades, Tesco has been a major retailer of electronics, books, furniture, toys, software, internet services, financial services, and whatnot. Therefore, this retail store has had organic growth with thousands of store locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that you can also buy various kinds of gift cards from Tesco because it holds its repute to be a retailing behemoth that has a wide range of products available in its store.

A good understanding of what gift cards Tesco sells is a function of what gift cards you need for your intended purposes. But on a general note, having an idea of what gift cards you can buy from Tesco helps you to:

  • Buy original gift cards at discounted prices
  • Activate the gift card immediately after purchase at the Tesco store
  • Redeem the gift card for different products or services at Tesco
  • Resolve your queries promptly after the purchase

Types Of Gift Cards Sold At Tesco

Tesco has a subsidiary store called Tesco Subsidiary, an outlet to buy different kinds of gift cards. Tesco Express sells a wide range of gift cards and which largely depend on the location of Tesco you visit.

Some of the popular brands that have their gift cards for sale at Tesco are:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • ASOS
  • Costa
  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • Cineworld
  • Primark
  • Homesense

1. Retail Gift Cards

These are gift cards you can use to make purchases at retail stores. You can use retail gift cards to buy products like fashion items, electronics, mobile phones and tablets, groceries, etc.

Leading this pack of retail gift cards is the Tesco e-gift card that you can redeem across over 2,500 stores in the United Kingdom. Other gift cards that fall into this category are Apple gift cards, ASOS gift cards, Adidas gift cards, Primark gift cards, and H&M gift cards.

Retail gift cards come in different denominations and you can redeem them for your preferred products either at the Tesco store or other stores.

2. Entertainment Gift Cards

When you talk about entertainment gift cards, you are referring to gift cards that enable you to access various entertainment content when you redeem them. They may serve as a ticket for you to gain entry to a physical entertainment gathering or download and watch different entertainment content.

You can buy this type of gift card on Tesco even as they exist in varying denominations.

Examples of entertainment gift cards available on Tesco Express include the Cineworld gift cards whose denomination ranges from £10 to £100 and you can use the gift card to watch movies either at the cinema or via download. Another one is the Google Play gift card which you can use to download games and movies.

Also, there are Spotify gift cards that enable you to access various music content from every part of the world on Spotify streaming platform.

3. Restaurant Gift Cards

A restaurant gift card can also be referred to as a dining gift card. These are gift cards that you to buy a sumptuous meal at designated locations when you redeem your gift card for that purpose.

You can treat your loved ones to a great and memorable time when you give them a restaurant gift card. Similar to other types of gift cards, restaurant gift cards are available in different designs and denominations.

Costa gift cards are one restaurant gift card that Tesco sells and you can use this gift card to buy coffee at Costa Coffee shops.

4. Sports Gift Cards

These are gift cards that are open to using for accessing sporting activities. Similar to how you can use your Cineworld gift card for various entertainment content, you can use your sports gift cards to see live sporting activities or sporting games on your mobile and desktop devices.

Decathlon gift cards fall into this category and you can buy this gift card at Tesco, with different denominations available on the gift card.

How To Buy Gift Cards

What gift cards do Tesco sell?

It is simple and easy to buy gift cards at Tesco, irrespective of where you make your purchases – whether online or in-store. You can walk into any of Tesco stores and get the gift card, get your preferred gift card, and take it to the cashier to get it registered while you make payment for the gift card purchase.

In the meantime, you must know that physical cards have a pre-loaded value on them, therefore, ensure to choose a gift card of the right amount for you.

For e-gift cards (digital gift cards) on Tesco, visit Tesco official website and navigate the range of gift cards available on the website. Choose your preferred gift card to buy and move to the gift card’s product page to complete your purchase.

You will be required to enter details like the recipient’s name and email address. You can also customize your e-gift card by adding a personalised message.

What Is The Cost Of Buying Gift Cards At Tesco?

The value of a gift card is a function of the price of any gift card that you buy at Tesco. These gift cards have a face value and you are not paying either a transaction fee or an additional charge for the gift card.

For instance, you will only pay £10 for a gift card that has its face value of £10. There are no hidden charges. But every gift card has minimum and maximum stored amounts on it. A gift card like the Tesco e-gift card has denominations that range from £5 to £150, while other gift cards may be capped at £100 at Tesco.

How To Redeem Gift Cards At Tesco

You can redeem your gift cards on Tesco if you buy a gift card from Tesco physical stores. All you just have to do is to present your gift card to the cashier and your give card will be redeemed.

For online redemption, you can only redeem your gift cards at the official store of the brand that issues the gift card. In essence, you can only redeem your physical and digital gift cards at the official store of the gift card or Tesco if you want to redeem your gift card physically.

You can only redeem your Tesco gift card at Tesco stores around you, and this makes redeeming your Tesco gift cards more straightforward than other gift cards. This is because Tesco is the issuer of Tesco gift cards.

Benefits Of Buying Gift Cards At Tesco

1. Safety And Convenience

Tesco is a popular retail brand with a great physical and online reputation. Therefore, you can buy gift cards at Tesco with the assurance of buying an original gift card at the store. Also, there are over 2,500 Tesco stores in the United Kingdom, and this enables you to visit any of these stores and make purchases with your gift card.

2. Variety Of Gift Cards Are Available At Tesco

You can buy different types of gift cards at Tesco. Big brands that issue gift cards have their gift cards available for the huge Tesco customers. As such, you can buy gift cards that include Apple gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Adidas gift cards, etc.

3. Tesco Return And Refund Policy

There is a warranty for every gift card you buy at Tesco. This hinges on the fact that you can return your gift card and get a possible refund if the gift card you bought from the store does not work. Tesco always owns up to any error from their back end and there is always a likelihood of return and refund for your purchases.

Can Gift Cards Purchased At Tesco Be Returned Or Exchanged?

Yes, you can return your gift card if the gift card does not work. But exchange for your gift card can only work when you buy your gift cards at physical Tesco locations. When you buy your gift card online, there is no room for an exchange although you can call for a return.


Tesco is the destination for different products you wish to buy but it is also a gift card store where you can buy different gift cards from major brands like Apple, Google, Adidas, Primark, etc.

But it is important to know the types of gift cards available at Tesco to influence your decision on buying from the store. Also, you must ensure to take note of the terms and conditions of purchase on Tesco to give you a deeper understanding of how the store works in relation to selling gift cards.