The increasing popularity of gift cards has placed digital assets on the global pedestal of wide adoption as a payment method. This means that the potential and prospects of gift cards have pitched them to be a viable alternative to cash. As such, it is good to know the top Nigerian gift cards.

Over the years, there has been a significant paradigm shift in the tool of local and global payments – from cash to card payments. The constant evolution of card payments that has given rise to credit and debit cards has now spotlighted gift cards as one important asset that you own in the place of cash.

However, it is common knowledge that the importance of gift cards transcends a regular gift, as the name implies. Therefore, gift cards offer you a range of benefits, and these are:

Broadly speaking, gift cards are snowballing to a major payment method because of the true value they hold in sync with the real-time exchange rate of the currency of the gift card. So get the comfort of holding the true value of money when you hold a gift card. This is similar to the feeling you have when you hold a property in real estate or even jewellery, as you can sell them anytime at the best rates to make money.

Gift cards are becoming popular among Nigerians, especially the youth population, because of the simplicity of payment and convenience of shopping it brings to them when they use the cards. Do not let us forget that gift trading is also one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Hence its interest is steadily growing in the hearts of young Nigerians.

In the sequel to the relevance of gift cards that are growing fonder to Nigerians, this article aims to highlight the popular gift cards in Nigeria.


Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Gift Cards

There is a wide range of gift cards in Nigeria but here are the most popular Nigerian gift cards that offer various benefits to their users.

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card is a prepaid gift card that stores value for your purchase on Amazon. In essence, Amazon is the brand that issues Amazon gift cards. Amazon is a digital platform on which you can buy almost anything. This includes electronics, books, games, music, etc.

There is a range of benefits to enjoy with Amazon gift cards – this can be to sell Amazon gift cards or give the card to someone to have a great shopping experience. Amazon gift cards exist in two forms, which are physical and digital Amazon gift card. You can use Amazon gift cards for your varying purposes in Nigeria, even as the gift cards exist in the denominations of $15, $25, $50, and $100.

2. iTunes Gift Card

This a gift card that comes from Apple, which is the world’s most valuable company. Apple issues two different gift cards – iTunes gift cards and Apple Store gift cards. iTunes gift cards enable you to have access to different content like music, video, and other entertainment content.

iTunes gift cards exist in both physical and digital forms, and you can get any of them in Nigeria. Similar to the general benefits of gift cards, you can sell iTunes gift cards for cash or give the gift card as a gift because of their real value.

You can use iTunes gift cards to make your monthly subscription to iTunes music and enjoy new and trending music content on the store. Moreover, iTunes gift cards are available in the denominations of $10, $15, $25, and $50.

3. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift cards are one of the popular gift cards in Nigeria due to their wide range of uses that has been adopted by a huge number of Android users in Nigeria. As an Android phone user, Google Play Store is where you access and download various content related to entertainment, gaming, and whatnot.

Therefore, Google Play gift cards play a pivotal role in having unlimited access to these various content on Google Play. On the other hand, you can decide to sell Google Play gift cards for cash to make some cool money for yourself.

Google Play gift cards come in both physical and digital forms, and they exist in denominations that range from $5 to $200 or £5 to £100, as the case may be.

4. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix is a digital video streaming platform that provides its user with various entertainment content. But you can use Netflix gift cards to access exclusive content on Netflix. Do you have a loved one in Nigeria who loves binge-watching the latest movie series or documentaries? A Netflix gift card would be the perfect gift for the person.

Netflix gift cards are digital and available in different denominations – $15, $20, $25, $50, $60, and $100.

5. PlayStation Network Gift Card

A PlayStation Network gift card is a gift card that gives you access to gaming content on the PlayStation Store. It serves as a payment method for buying various entertainment content related to games, ads or membership in the store.

You can choose to sell PlayStation Network gift cards for cash, but you can at the same time give this gift card as a gift to someone you know as a gaming enthusiast. This gift card has a determination that ranges from $25 to $100.

6. Steam Gift Card

Steam gift card

Steam gift cards are issued by Steam, the world’s largest digital gaming platform. This gift card is one of Nigeria’s best gift cards with the highest rates. As such, Steam gift cards are widely used amongst Nigerians. This gift card exists in both physical and digital forms, and you can use them to access a wide range of gaming content on the Steam store.

Steam gift cards are mainly for gaming enthusiasts and game developers needing gaming software. Therefore, you can use this gift card as a gift for a lover of games or you can decide to sell Steam gift cards to make some money for yourself. The denominations of Steam gift cards range from $5 to $100.

7. Uber Gift Card

Uber gift cards are very important in major cities in Nigeria – Lagos and Abuja, where the hailing ride, Uber, is fully operational. You can use this gift card as alternative cash to book a ride to your destination while enjoying the ride’s comfort. In addition, you can use the Uber gift card to get meals at designated stores.

Uber gift cards exist in denominations between $15 and $500, and you can always give the gift card to a loved one to enjoy an excellent riding experience or savour your taste with a sumptuous meal when you use the gift card.

8. Jumia Gift Card

Jumia is Africa’s largest online marketplace that is touted as the “Amazon of Africa.” You can buy almost every product on Jumia – including electronics, groceries, fashion, cosmetics, furniture, etc. You can also buy gift cards on Jumia. This goes to say; you can buy anything you need in Nigeria on Jumia.

However, Jumia gift cards avail you of more opportunities to buy various products at discounted prices when you use its gift card. With Jumia gift cards, you do not need to use cash as a payment method. Instead, you can easily redeem your Jumia gift cards at the Jumia store to buy your preferred products.

9. Konga Gift Card

Konga is another online marketplace in Nigeria on which you can buy different products. This includes electronics, phones, and fashion items, and you can also buy gift cards on Konga. The design of Konga gift cards is to be able to adequately meet the needs of teeming Konga users.

You can use the Konga gift card to buy various products at discounted prices on Konga, and you can only use the gift card on the Konga store.

10. Microsoft Store Gift Card

Microsoft Store gift cards are gift card that enables you to buy different Microsoft products on the Microsoft store. These products include laptops, phones, software, and whatnot. This gift card exists in physical and digital forms, and you can use it to buy various products on the Microsoft store.


How To Buy Nigerian Gift Cards Online

There are different ways through which you can buy gift cards in Nigeria, most of which are gift card stores and online platforms.

1. Gift Card Stores

You can buy your gift card at its designated store – meaning that various gift cards are available in the store that issues them. For instance, you can buy Steam gift cards at the Steam store or Jumia gift cards at the Jumia store.

2. Online Platforms

There is a proliferation of various online gift card trading platforms. So you can buy your preferred gift card on any of these platforms. In this regard, you can consider buying your gift card on Prestnit, as it is one of Nigeria’s best gift card trading platforms.


Tips For Buying And Using Nigerian Gift Cards Online & Offline

1. Buy From A Trusted Platform

It is important to buy your gift cards from an online platform that has a good reputation to forestall the possible loss of your money to scammers. Therefore, do your due diligence in carrying out a background check on the platform you want to buy your gift card.

2. Price Comparison

The prices of gift cards vary across different platforms. So, it is essential to do a pricing analysis of your preferred gift card to ensure that you buy it at the best prices.


Advantages Of Using Nigerian Gift Cards

1. Convenience

Gift cards give you some level of convenience when you use them to make online purchases. They go more than what cash or Nigerian ATM cards can avail you in terms of payments. For instance, you can not use your cash or cards denominated in Naira to make purchases on platforms like Amazon, Apple, or Steam, but you can use your gift cards to achieve that.

2. Easy To Use

It is very easy to use gift cards as they hold a real-time value pegged to the real exchange rate of its respective currency. Therefore, you can move from using cash for your online purchases to adopting gift cards that earn support from the designated store. Also, the use of gift cards reduces the risk of possible loss of funds compared to holding cash.

3. Wide Range Of Options

There is a gift card for a particular need. You can not run out of access to access to products or content when you hold different gift cards. While you can use Uber gift cards for a ride to your destination, you can use Netflix gift cards to enjoy some movies, and you can start shopping with either your Jumia gift card or Konga gift card.


Disadvantages Of Using Nigerian Gift Cards

1. Limited Use

Gift cards have a limited function as you can not use a gift card as a multi-purpose card. Hence there is a restriction to what you can use them for. For instance, you can not use your Jumia gift card to watch movies or download music because it is not designed for that purpose.

2. Risk Of Fraudulent Cards

One major pitfall of gift cards is the vulnerability to scams. Online platforms have become a hotbed of fraudulent activities as scammers use the channel to sell fake gift cards to people, especially newbies. Also, there may be a breach of the agreement between buyers and sellers, possibly leading to a loss of funds or gift cards.

3. Expiration Dates

Gift cards, just like credit or debit cards, expire. Although this does not apply to every gift card. Gift cards like Netflix gift cards do not expire, but gift cards like Jumia gift cards expire after a given time. So if you don’t use your gift card before the expiration date, you will lose the face value of your gift card.



Gift cards are a great digital asset to have in Nigeria, and you enjoy a wide range of gift cards with varying benefits. There is a gift card for your respective needs as far as products and services are concerned.

However, it is important to know the respective functions of these gift cards to influence your decision on your preferred gift card.