There is no iota of doubt that a lot of people see different types of gift cards in Nigeria as a solution and are happy to receive them also. In recent times, gift cards have become popular and reports say more than 50% of people in modern countries have at some point in life received a gift card or two.

For those who do not know what gift cards are…

A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually handed out by a retailer or business, as an alternative to cash for purchases in a corresponding store or associated businesses. Generally, gift cards are redeemable just for purchases at suitable retail premises and can not be cashed out directly from the issuer, and in some cases, may be liable to an expiry date or fee.

An attribute of these cards is that they are commonly unidentified and are disposed of after the stored value on a card is used up.

Let’s shift our focus back to the main topic. What are the types of gift cards that you can come across in Nigeria or Ghana? Not to mix it up, there are different types of gift cards in different countries like USA, UK, Philippines, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Greece e.t.c which are developed countries. But let’s talk about the list of gift cards and their uses in developing countries like Nigeria and Ghana.

List Of Different Gift Card Types And Their Uses

1. Gaming gift cards

These are gift cards used to make in-app or in-game purchases in gaming software and exhibitions. These include gift cards like steam, google play, PlayStation, Roblox, Nintendo, razer gold, Xbox and Gamestop.

2. Supermarket gift cards

These are gift cards used to buy merchandise from online supermarkets and stores. They are preloaded with specific amounts and they are often refillable. Some of the common types of supermarket gift cards include Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, Applebees, eBay, and Best Buy.

3. Travel gift cards

These are gift cards that make exploring the world easier. They are the best type of gift card to give to your adventurous friends. They include hotel gift cards, restaurants, and flights and some popular ones are tumi, Airbnb, delta, Texaco, paravel,, spafinder and chevron.

4. Music gift cards

As the name implies, they are used major to enjoy music. They are mostly used on music platforms like apple music, amazon, pandora and Spotify.

5. Lifestyle gift cards

Lifestyle gift cards award you with the option of buying lifestyle items. They are no different from other types of gift cards. Some popular options include Nike, JCPenny, Sephora, Nordstrom, Asos, footlocker, H&M, American Express gift card and Adidas.

6. Streaming gift cards

These are gift cards you can use on streaming pleatforms. They give you access to your favourite shows and movies.  Some options include showtime, apple iTunes, amazon prime, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+.

Forms Of Gift Cards In Nigeria

picture of a physical gift card

Gift cards come in different forms. And they include:

1. Physical Gift Card: These are bought directly from a physical store and you have to scratch the physical copy to have access to the gift code.

2. E-codes (Electronic Gift Codes): These are gift cards bought online and the gift code is mostly sent to the email of the buyer.

3. Scanned Gift Card: These can be bought online or physically, but they are mostly printed on paper. They are in-between physical and electronic codes.

It’s worth mentioning that even though they come in different forms, their usage is not different, and they carry the same value, regardless of the form. However, the value may vary if you want to sell it off for cash.

As there are so many kinds of gift cards, so are the options to sell them. There are countless online places to sell gift cards in different countries for different currencies. The question about the platforms that can be trusted to trade any kind of gift card is worth asking.

Truth be told, finding the platform to trade your gift card does not pose an issue, rather what poses an issue is finding a vendor that is reliable and that checks the features that make a trading platform good.

A lot of gift card scammers use the internet as a hunting ground to defraud victims that are unsuspecting of their gift cards. However, being a victim of a scam can be avoided by trading your gift card on a good gift card trading platform.

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That’s all you need to know about the gift card types, forms and uses in Nigeria. If you have any question, you can leave a comment below.