There was never a necessity to buy gift cards online until the whole world tilted towards running a cashless economy. Some policies are implemented to restrict the use of cash transactions and encourage more digital transactions.

Gift cards are one of the biggest innovations of financial technology today, though the idea was largely mocked in the beginning, it’s a generally accepted phenomenon today.

The use of gift certificates to make purchases in stores has eliminated the inconvenience and stress of making cash payments and the unsolicited intervention of third parties in making bank card transactions.

Also, many business brands have adopted the use of gift cards for their online and in-store transactions. This way, they can create more awareness about their brands and also earn more sales revenue when the gift cards are redeemed in their store. 

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Gift coupons can be purchased and used from anywhere in the world for both online and offline store transactions. Depending on the type of gift card you want to purchase, you can find them in some retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants or gift card vending sites.

Most of the online gift voucher vending sites deal with digital gift vouchers which can be sent to the buyer’s email address shortly after purchase.

There are many online platforms where you can buy gift certificates and we will discuss the top five websites on the list in this article.

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What Are Gift Cards Used For?

Gift cards have proven their worth in the financial sector by enabling us to make online and store transactions smoothly and at a discounted rate sometimes.

Most business brands often give users a level of discount on their gift card transactions.

They have replaced the old tradition of buying gift items on special occasions. Today, people give their loved ones gift cards as a gift instead of making the difficult choice of buying the perfect gift on their behalf.

Giving them a gift card gives them the power to make their choice of a gift item when they redeem it at the store.

Businesses use gift vouchers to attract more customers to their stores while increasing sales revenue simultaneously. 

Additionally, you can trade gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency using a good gift card trading platform.

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Can I Buy a Gift Card Online?

Yes, of course, you can buy a gift card online while you’re in the comfort of your home. Gift cards are sold on many online platforms all over the world and this makes them very easily accessible to people who want to buy a gift card online without the stress of leaving their homes.

Most gift vouchers sold online are virtual gift vouchers but physical gift vouchers can also be purchased online and delivered to the buyer’s mailbox.

However, the delivery of the physical gift cards is subject to the buyer’s location and this may attract some delivery fees as well.

Best Five Websites To Buy Gift Cards

1. Gyft:

Gyft is a global online gift card shop which allows users to buy, send and manage gift certificates. 

The platform sells different types of gift card brands on its website as well as its mobile app and it is one of the most trusted gift voucher vending platforms today.

If you are thinking of buying gift vouchers on Gyft, then you will find the following famous gift shop retailers on the platform; Amazon, Nike, Steam, Sephora, Target, Starbucks etc.

There’s also an option for corporate buying which lets you buy discounted gift cards in bulk for your business. This allows you to gift many people like your employees at the same time, without spending too much.

Sometimes, they also run gift card promos to enable users to buy gift vouchers at discounted prices.

2. GiftCardGranny:

GiftCardGranny is another popular and trusted site to buy gift cards online. A good and notable thing about this platform is that it is safe and secure to shop for your favourite gift voucher. Again, it gives users the chance to compare different prices before making a choice, therefore providing them with a wide range of choices.

This is a peer-to-peer platform which connects buyers and sellers of gift vouchers to each other at a good rate. It does not allow users to buy directly from the platform.

Some popular gift card brands you can find on GiftCardGranny are Starbucks, iTunes, Apple, Steam, Amazon etc.

3. CardCash:

CardCash is a big and very much reliable gift card vending platform that was on the 2014, Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies.

CardCash offers users the services of buying and selling famous gift voucher brands at a cheap rate. 

Some brands like Amazon, Calvin Klein and many others are sold on the platform.

Users can either choose to buy physical cards or virtual cards. The virtual cards are delivered to the user’s email address while the physical card is delivered to his mailbox without any extra charges.

The platforms allow for multiple payment options such as Pay Pal, Debit/credit card, Bitcoin, and bank deposits.


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This platform is one of the largest gift card retail dealers in the world. It offers cards from more than five hundred thousand SMEs and big companies in the US.

You can get these famous brands from the platform; Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Coach and many others. offers users both physical and virtual cards. It costs $2 to deliver the physical gift voucher to a user’s mailbox but the e-gift card is sent to his email.

5. Raise:

Raise is yet another company that offers people discounted gift cards from different brands like Dell, Nike, Amazon, Apple, Gap etc. The platform also gives a one-year money-back guarantee on your purchases. 

You can buy both physical gift cards and virtual gift cards on Raise. Depending on your location, the physical gift card can be delivered to your mailbox free of charge and the virtual gift card would be delivered to your email address.


Gift cards are very important to both users and business brands. It serves as a good alternative to cash and bank card transactions by giving users discounted prices on their purchases in the store.

It also generates more sales revenue and a customer base to store owners. 

The increasing demand for gift coupons is a proof of its awesomeness. If you’re looking to buy any gift voucher of your choice, the above-mentioned sites should be your target.