Gift cards are mainly used for making offline and online store transactions, hence, almost every business has adopted the use of gift cards as a means of payment. It is not just because gift cards have impounded the use of cash in-store transactions but because they offer many benefits to both users and the business as well.

American Express(Amex) gift card is one of the popular gift cards used in the USA for making store transactions in stores that accept Amex cards. It is an open-looped type of gift card in the same category as Visa and Mastercard.

Open-looped gift cards are the types of cards that can be used in any store that accepts the card brand as a payment method

Amex gift card is a type of prepaid card preloaded with a certain dollar amount which can be used for transactions across stores that accept Amex cards such as Walmart and Amazon.

The features of the American Express gift card can be tricky if you are a new user because it is produced and issued in different forms.

It is important to know the different types of Amex gift cards and how to identify them by mere pictures to make the right choice based on our needs.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of Amex gift cards and how to identify them.

Amex Gift Card

Types Of Amex Gift Cards

Amex gift cards exist in three main different formats which we will discuss below;


1. Personalized Amex Gift Cards: 

A personalized Amex gift card allows users to choose the images, designs and the amount they want on the gift card. This is a customized type of Amex gift card which will help users convey personalized gifts to their loved ones on their special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and graduation. You can add some personal messages, photos and designs to the gift card and make them feel special.

2. Standard Amex Gift Cards:

A standard Amex gift card is the type which is issued and sold by the company in a pre-printed design. 

It can either be a physical Amex card or a digital Amex card depending on your preference. However, most shoppers demand more of the virtual card because it could be delivered to their email address in between 1-3 minutes and can be used for in-store transactions. 

Amex gift cards are commonly sold in monetary denominations ranging between $5 to $500.

3. Promotional Amex Gift Cards:

Gift cards are a good promotional tool for brands and an Amex gift card is not left in this campaign. 

This type of Amex gift card is the same as the standard Amex card in form but not in function. They are issued only during promotional events to drive traffic to the brand while rewarding qualified users.

Sometimes, users can earn additional gift cards or some other prizes by spending a certain value of the promotional gift card.

Amex Gift Card


How to Identify Different Pictures on AMEX Gift Cards

There are a few ways you can easily identify an Amex gift card without much stress and they are;

1 Logo:

A brand’s logo is its identity which shows its uniqueness. The first thing to look out for in an Amex gift card is the logo which is the inscription”American Express” on a blue area by the lower right corner of the card.

2. Image:

The images on the Amex card can vary, especially if the card is a customized one. However, most of the standard Amex gift card has the image of a gift ribbon design on the card. Sometimes it’s just a plain card with no design but the logo must be inscribed on it.

3. Text:

Apart from the logo inscription on the card, you must identify the fifteen digits card number, the expiry date(written as valid thru), the card value and the four digits CVV code. 

How To Use Amex Gift Cards

To use an Amex gift card efficiently, you must know how to activate the card, check your card balance and redeem the card in a store. 

How To Activate an Amex Gift Card

Most Amex gift cards purchased from the Amex store are usually activated already but if otherwise, you can;

  1. Visit the American Express official site.
  2. Login to your Amex account if any or create one.
  3. Navigate to the card section and click “activate”
  4. A drop-down menu will require you to fill in the card details such as card number, the valid thru date(expiry) and the security code.

Sometimes you may need to give your address and social security number.

How To Check Amex Card Balance

  1. Simply visit the official American Express balance checker page.
  2. Enter the fifteen digits card number, the four digits security code and the expiry date.
  3. The balance will be displayed on your screen.

How To Redeem Amex Gift Card

After you have checked your valance and you’re certain of the amount you have on your Amex card, proceed to the store where the Amex card is accepted and redeem your card.

All you have to do is to submit your card to the cashier to swipe through the card reader and the value of your item will be deducted by the cashier.

If there’s a problem with the card reader, the cashier can enter the card information manually and complete your transaction. 

How To Get The Most Value From An Amex Gift Card

Even though Amex gift vouchers are redeemed for gift items in stores that accept Amex cards, this may not be the only way one can make the most use of an Amex gift card.

What happens when you receive an Amex gift voucher as a gift on your birthday but you do not need it? Does it go to waste? Definitely not!!

If you have an Amex card in your possession that you can’t possibly redeem in the store, you can still sell the gift card for cash or cryptocurrency and get back the full monetary value.

With the help of Prestmit online gift card trading platform, you can sell Amex gift cards for instant cash and crypto at irresistible rates.

You can always check the live rates of all gift cards on the platform before trading.


If you are still thinking of the perfect gift, you should be thinking towards Amex gift cards by now. Amex gift card being an open-looped card gives users some level of advantage to use it in any store that accepts Amex cards. 

The different types of Amex gift cards as mentioned in the article shows the different purpose they serve users on different occasions.

You should consider buying an Amex gift card if you haven’t gotten one for yourself or a loved one.