You can easily check your American Express gift card balance online or through a phone call. When you receive an American Express gift card the balance on the card will be prepaid by the person who bought it. Usually, you will receive the gift card with instructions and guidelines on how to use the card, alongside the available balance on the card. However, if your American Express gift card has been partly used or was regifted to you, you may want to confirm the available balance on it.

Two Ways To Check AMEX Gift Card Balance

Checking your Amex card balance is very straightforward. 

1. You may either dial the telephone number on the back of the gift card. A customer support representative will respond and your gift card serial number will be required which will be used to query the balance on it. 

2. You can check your available balance on AMEX balance checker website. Visit the balance checker page, your gift card number and the 3-digit security code would be requested. The security code can be found on the pack of the gift card.

check your available balance on AMEX balance checker website

Then, click on SIGN IN and the website will return the balance on your AMEX gift card or an error, if the input is invalid or the gift card is bad.

Does American Express Gift Card Expire?

The balance on your Amex gift card does not expire. However, the card is only valid for a period of time (see the front of your gift card for details.) 

You will not be able to make transactions using your gift card after the valid through date, but you can always ask for a replacement card, which is free if your card meets its “Valid Through” date, before you exhaust the available balance on it.

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