Gift cards are changing our buying behaviours as teeming customers of different products and one thing we must know is how we can buy gift cards on Konga, which is one of the online marketplaces in Nigeria. The advent of gift cards as digital assets has greatly influenced our decision on having an alternative to cash, credit or debit cards which have over the years been the major source of payment for purchases.

We cannot overemphasize the myriad of opportunities gift cards portend to make businesses grow and enable buyers to have a florid experience when making purchases of their preferred products.

How to buy gift cards on Konga

The global gift card market continues to boom since Post-COVID as a result of the adaptation cum adjustment of buyers towards online shopping, which has invariably increased the number of people using gift cards to buy their products of choice at various online stores. This is the culmination of different businesses trying to recreate ideas of how to improve sales during the lockdown.

What Is A Gift Card?

A gift card is a digital asset of prepaid value that you can use to make purchases at a brand store and make other financial transactions. You can use gift cards at both online and physical stores that support the card you are holding.

There are two major types of gift cards, namely, physical gift cards and digital gift cards (Ecode). You can buy these gift cards from physical stores and online platforms that trade gift cards. Moreover, physical gift cards exist in paper or plastic forms with their PIN hidden under the seal but you will get your digital gift card via email with the PIN revealed to you.

For instance, iTunes gift card exists in both physical and digital forms, such that you can buy either of the two forms of iTunes gift card to access various content on the Apple store. However, you must know that the quantity and quality of content you will access is a function of the amount of your gift card.

One good thing about your gift card is that you may not necessarily exhaust the value of your gift card at once. You can of your volition spend part of your gift card value and keep the balance for the next purchase, although it must be within the validity of your gift card (for gift cards that expire).

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Gift Cards On Konga?

Gift cards are not a liability but an asset that brings you convenience when making purchases on the internet. Therefore, you need to look at these reasons behind your buying gift cards on Konga, which would relatively be of great benefit to you.

1. Unlimited Shopping At The Brand Store

Gift cards give you unreserved access to various products of the brand that issues the gift card. You enjoy many benefits that cash or other cardholders may not have access to. One of these benefits is buying content or products at discounted prices because you are seen as a more valuable customer than other people using cash or credit or debit cards as payment methods.

For instance, you can buy products on Amazon at a discount as high as 10% when you use an Amazon gift card to make purchases on Amazon. But this is exclusive to only Amazon gift card users, and not to customers using cash and other payment methods.

2. Resell For Cash

This is one of the popular but viable ways people can use the gift cards they buy on Konga. Gift cards are better valued than other gifts, as such, you can decide to sell your gift card for cash if you are not willing to redeem the gift card at its official stores.

In a proper context, the value of gift cards can be analogous to having a Gold necklace, which you bought to hold its value as an alternative to cash. But you can decide to sell the Gold necklace anytime you want and you will still get the true value for the jewellery.

Therefore, you can sell your gift card for cash and you can be assured that you will get real-time value for your gift card. For instance, you can buy Google Play gift cards on Konga and decide to sell Google Play gift cards for cash at a later time.

3. Give To Family And Friends As A Gift

Gift cards are a valuable gift you can give to your loved ones on their special day as an expression of love and gratitude. Every gift card has a value that enables its recipient to access a variety of content and products, so you can give gift cards as a gift to make them feel loved on special days or occasions.

For instance, we know how conscious ladies can be with fashion and beauty, so ladies will love to have Sephora gift cards that enable them to make purchases for different fashion and beauty products in the Sephora store. On the other hand, you can give a Steam gift card to someone you know is a gaming enthusiast, and you can be sure this kind of gift would make the recipient happy because Steam gift cards you to access different gaming content on the Steam store.

How To Buy Gift Cards On Konga

How to buy gift cards on Konga

Konga is an e-commerce platform in Nigeria on which you can buy different gift cards, household items, electronics, mobile devices, groceries, fashion products, and whatnot. Konga is one of the best places to buy gift cards in Nigeria as you can access different gift cards of varying denominations on the platform.

Some of the gift cards available on Konga are Google Play gift cards, Apple iTunes gift cards, Steam wallet gift cards, PlayStation Network gift cards, etc.

The following steps are how you can buy gift cards on Konga:

  • Create a Konga account and log in
  • Click on the “Gift Cards” category
  • Select your preferred gift card
  • Click on “Buy Now”
  • Enter the quantity of the gift card you want to buy
  • Click on “Continue to checkout”
  • Proceed to make payment with a bank transfer or credit or debit cards


You can easily buy gift cards on Konga anytime and anywhere as long as your gift cards are available for sale on the e-commerce platform. When you can buy gift cards on Konga, you can be certain that you can use the gift cards to shop at the brand store that issues the gift card or you give the card to a loved one as a gift, without forgetting that you can sell gift cards for cash.

However, it is important to know that there are some gift cards that you can not redeem or use outside the country that holds the currency of the gift card. So you must be aware of this fact when buying gift cards on Konga.

In the meantime, you can also buy your gift cards on Prestmit as we remain the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana.