Google Play gift cards are virtual vouchers that can be redeemed in the Google Play store to buy things. It works as a payment method that lets the user pay for apps and other app services on the Play Store app. It can also be used to rent movies and buy books from the Google Music Store and Google Playbooks.

When redeeming a gift card on a retail platform, it may display problem numbers. After an error warning is displayed on the only gift card you can use, there is no need to fear. Incorrect typing can cause an error message to appear. In addition, while redeeming a gift card, the Play store balance restriction comes into play.

How To Resolve Google Play Gift Card Error

If your Google Play gift card displays an error message, we’ve collected a list of four viable solutions to try. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Check The Promotional Code

You should always check the promotion code if you receive an error message. Check to see if the code you entered is right or if you entered the codes incorrectly.

You can also buy a Google Play gift card in person at any of the company’s worldwide locations. There are several differences between e-codes and traditional gift cards when redeeming. As soon as a transaction is validated, physical codes can be redeemed for their value. Because the physical cards cannot be activated remotely, this is a security safeguard.

2. Confirm That The Code Value Does Not Exceed The Play Store Limit

Gift card redemption on the Google Play portal is governed by a set of regulations. One rule is that the gift card balance cannot exceed the Google Play Store’s maximum. As a result, the gift card can no longer be used. Because of this, you can only have a maximum of $1,500 on your Google Play account at any given time. They’ve also set limits on how much money you may get back on your card in a certain period.

Using a small amount of money from your Google Play account will allow you to bypass the gift card error. Google play gift card redemption space will be freed up.

3. Check The Account You Are Logged Into

It is one of the most underappreciated reasons consumers experience gift card issues while redeeming their google gift card.

Using another account or email to redeem your google play gift card is sure to yield an error notice. This is owed to the fact that there is a constant synchronization to the email that receives the gift card. Therefore, that is why it is not advisable to use another mail in redeem the gift card. You need to confirm your mail if the codes have been verified without the daily limit being exceeded.

4. Update Google Pay Account Information

If the error message indicates that there is an issue with your Google account, you will have to change your personal information before you can use the gift voucher. A low credit card balance or questionable activity on the payment account could have been the reason for the refusal of your purchase request.

If you’re having issues with your Google payment account, there are a variety of fixes based on the error message you receive. It’s best to replace your credit card or use another payment option, such as Google Pay if the error indicates that the transaction cannot be completed due to an expired credit card.

Furthermore, in the event of the Google Play error persists, it might be imperative for you to opt for another gift card(s) whose transactional process can be seamless and straightforward.

Top Alternative Gifts Cards Other Than Google Gift Card

1. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are pre-purchased credits that can be used in Apple’s gift store. As Apple’s media and the software marketplace, you can buy music, movies, and programs via the iTunes store.

Apple Store gift cards can be used to buy actual products like iPhones and MacBooks at the Apple Store. Depending on the condition of your iTunes gift card, you may be able to get up to 83 percent of its face value when exchanging it for cash.

2. Amazon Gift Card

In addition to purchasing premium content, you can also use Amazon gift cards on the website to purchase digital music, movie, and other products from the company’s catalog.

Aside from these factors, the value of an Amazon gift card can fluctuate based on the type, receipt, and time of year (there are more amazon purchases towards the end of the year, so the rate is generally higher around this time).

Amazon gift cards can be exchanged for up to 92% of their face value.

3. Steam Gift Card

Steam gift cards are like gift certificates, and Steam wallet codes are like game activation codes. Both can be used to buy steam wallet credits, games, and software on the Steam portal.

Since Steam is for gaming and there are a lot of gamers in the world, the gift card is in high demand, which means it has one of the highest rates. When you trade your Steam gift card on Prestmit, you can get up to 90% cashback.

4. eBay Gift Card

An eBay gift card can be used to buy different assets/materials. When you pay with PayPal, you can also use eBay gift cards to buy things on Also, eBay gift cards can be used to pay for all or part of any item bought on the website.

Ecommerce gift cards are usually in high demand because drop shippers and wholesale buyers use them. This has led to this gift card is one of the most expensive gift cards in Ghana and Nigeria. Interestingly, you can get as much as 85% cashback with your eBay gift card.

5. Sephora Gift Card

As an alternate mode of payment, Sephora gift cards can be used to purchase products from the Sephora website and at Sephora-affiliated stores and outlets. When you turn in your Sephora gift card for cash, you can get up to an incredible 85 percent of your money back.


As statistics show that billions of gift cards go to waste every year, hence there might be a need for you to use another gift card(s) if you are a Google Play gift card user who is often confronted with a glitch or error. So you can consider the aforementioned alternative gift cards with the highest rates, and Prestmit is the best platform to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana.