Google play has to be one of the most popular and trending applications in the world today. This is because a lot of people have an android OS on their phones. Google Play gives users access to a lot of services, such as movies, games, and even books. That’s just to mention a few!

This is where Google Play gift cards come in. Google Play gift cards allow you to purchase your favourite apps on the Google store. You can buy games, movies and songs with your Google Play gift card. You can even surprise a loved one with a Google Play gift card.

When trading gift cards, you may have encountered errors like “we need more info to redeem your gift card” and all of that. This is particularly common with Google play gift cards.

Well, you are not the only one who has had this problem. You are not alone. It is general. What, then, do you do after seeing this? Does it mean that your gift card is condemned? Where do you go from there? In this article, we will show you what this error code means and how you can solve this problem. Stay with us, okay?

WHY ARE YOU GETTING “Google play card error we need more information to redeem this gift card”?


We know that this sort of error is generally associated with Google Play gift cards but the reason behind it has not been verified. All we know is that it happens, and it can be solved.


The first thing to do asides from not panicking is to make sure that your gift card is not invalid or has not already been redeemed. So make sure that none of these is happening. If your gift card is invalid, it will display an error sign.

The next thing to do is to try redeeming the gift card on your mobile device. Try your phone.

Here is how to redeem your Google play gift card on your phone:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store app
  2. Open the app
  3. Tap “Menu” (it is illustrated with 3 horizontal dashes) and Click on “Redeem”
  4. Enter your Google play gift card code
  5. Tap “Redeem”

Note that when you are trying to sell Google play gift card, your Google Play account must match the country of the gift card. So if you are travelling, you can try to redeem your gift card again when you get to your “home” country.

If you’ve tried all of this and you still can’t redeem your gift card, there is a form you should fill from Google Play Store.

Here are the details you should provide.

  1. A clear copy of front and back images of your gift card
  2. A clear copy of the gift card receipt
  3. The store name of where you bought your gift card
  4. The city where you bought your gift card
  5. Your phone number

Click this link to see full details on google support help.

Because many cases like this are reported daily, it may take weeks to resolve your problem.