Steam is a proven platform where you can download or purchase all sorts of games online. The game enthusiasts amongst us are very much conversant with this platform, any game lover who doesn’t buy from Steam is no true gamer. Steam offers all sorts of digital content and video games on its platform which most times are easily accessed with a Steam Gift Card. A Steam Gift Card is simply a passcode to access the Steam Store and get whatever you want but we will shade more light on the meaning of a Steam Gift Card in the latter part of this article. 

However, one of the features of Gift Cards is their ability to be exchanged for money or crypto. That is to say that even if you don’t want to redeem the Steam Gift Card for digital games on the platform, you may wish to trade it for currencies like Cedis. 

Do you want to know how to convert a steam wallet gift card to Cedis in detail? I guess your answer is yes.

Well, you found the right location. In this article, we’ve amassed abundant information on how to sell your Steam Gift Cards for the greatest possible price in Cedis and, of course, without any problem. Relax and watch out as we show. you the most effective way to convert your Steam Gift Card for Cedis.

What Is Steam Gift Card?

A Steam gift card is comparable to other types of gift cards. As a result, a Steam gift card is a gift card that can be redeemed for credit on the Steam platform, which can then be used to purchase games and other downloaded material. Steam gift cards are one of the two types of gift cards available: physical and e-codes. Physical Steam gift cards are available in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100 and can be purchased from physical retail stores, whereas digital Steam gift cards are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 and can be purchased online from the Steam website and delivered via Steam gift card email delivery. The activation code on Steam Gift Cards is a ticket for transferring the money value of the Steam Gift Card into the Steam account, or rather, a digital Steam Wallet.

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What Is Steam Gift Card Used For?

The credits from a Steam Gift Card can be used to purchase video games, utility software, movies, and other digital items on the Steam platform.

You may consider gutting Steam Gift Cards to friends and family, especially the game lovers.

Again, you can sell your gift card for cool cash or have the same gift card converted to crypto like Bitcoin, cooling off in your wallet.

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How To Buy Steam Gift Card

Buying Steam Gift Cards is simple, thanks to financial technology which allows you to do it from the comfort of your own home or any of the nearby retail stores.

Steam Gift Cards and Steam E-codes can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon and delivered via email as Steam wallet cards. You can make a payment using the methods available in your area.

How To Trade Steam Gift Card For Cedis In Ghana

This is the bone of convention of today’s article. I will show you how you can sell your Steam wallet card for Ghanaian Cedis at a very high rate and quite fast. 

Prestmit is the most trusted platform to sell your Steam Gift Cards for cash in Ghana. To sell on Prestmit, all you have to do is;

  1. Create an account with us and log in 
  2. Click on “Start Trade”
  3. Select ” Sell Gift Card” and navigate down the page to fill in the gift card details.
  4. Select “Category” and  select Steam Gift Card.
  5. Select “GIFT CARD SUBCATEGORY”: This is where you will further specify the type of Steam gift card you want to sell. For example, USA Steam physical (50-100) or USA Steam code(25-100). This simply means that you want to a USA physical Steam Gift Card that ranges between $50-$100
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. If you are selling a $20 Steam gift card in 10 pieces, that means the total amount is 200. The price of the Steam gift card in your chosen currency(Naira or Cedis) will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. Note: We convert Steam Gift Cards for cash in only Naira and Cedis currency.
  7. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of the Steam gift cards. The comment section is meant for inputting the codes if you have the Steam card in the e-code format.
  8.  Select PAYOUT METHOD: Since you are trading Steam gift cards for Cedis just select Cedis. 
  9. SEND DIRECTLY: If you want the money sent immediately to your bank account, tick the “Send Directly To My Bank Account” item. Remember to choose your desired bank and bank information.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” and your money will be sent in a few minutes.

Rates Of Steam Gift Cards In Ghana Today

The gift card rate automated calculator clearly gives the current rate of Steam Gift Cards and how much you can get for them on Prestmit in Ghanaian Cedis. Depending on the denomination of the Steam Gift Card, you can check the equivalent in Ghanaian Cedis using the automated gift card rate calculator on Prestmit. For example, the $100 USA Steam Physical is GHS 396.83 at the rate of 380.

Gift Cards You Can Sell On Prestmit

There are so many other gift cards you can trade for money(Cedis or Naira), Bitcoin and USDT on Prestmit. Below are the list of gift cards that can be sold on our platform for instant cash payment.

  • Nike Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Offgamers Gift Card
  • Home Depot Gift Card
  • Footlocker Gift Card
  • Apple Store Gift Card
  • Macy Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Vanilla Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card.
  • eBay Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Google Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • Amex Gift Card
  • BestBuy Gift Card


Steam Gift Card indeed has a lot of benefits to the users, especially when redeemed on the Steam platform, for credit on the Steam Wallet. But in any case where using the Steam Gift Card on Steam may appear unsatisfying, then trading the gift card for Cedis or crypto is a good option.