Gift cards are used for many purposes, especially for in-store transactions in all parts of the world including Brazil. 

Every country of the world has gift cards which are very peculiar to them and we have decided to talk about Brazil’s gift cards today.

Gift cards or vouchers are one of the biggest innovations of financial technology in the world, even though they had a lot of criticisms in their early days.

Brazil gift cards work in the same way as those in your home country, the only difference is that they are used in Brazil by Brazilians. They can be used in physical stores or online stores to redeem gift items, they can be used as an alternative to gift items.

For example, during the Christmas season in Brazil, a lot of people exchange gift vouchers as Christmas gifts instead of buying gift packages.

Before now, there was a flaw in gift exchange where people may buy thoughtful gifts for friends, colleagues or families but these gifts may not be what they want. 

However, the use of gift cards has eliminated this problem as it allows the recipients to redeem their desired gift items from the store without the giver choosing them.

Additionally, Brazilian gift cards have a high resale value, which means they can be sold back for cash if they are no more needed.

Let’s discuss the top 5 Brazil gift cards in the market, their features and every other thing you need to know about them.

Brazil iTunes card

The Top 5 Brazil Gift Cards


1. Brazil iTunes Card: 

Brazil iTunes card is used mainly by Apple device users. This card gives users access to the iTunes store where they can buy downloadable content such as music, apps, games, e-books etc. It can be of two types, either a physical card or a virtual card (e-codes).

The monetary value of the iTunes card, when redeemed, is used as credits to download and purchase this special digital content for Brazilians. 

Users can buy Brazil iTunes cards from the Apple online store or other online gift card vendors like Amazon.

You can also get a Brazil iTunes card from retail stores around you, especially if you want to buy a physical iTunes card.

After you have purchased your card, you can simply redeem it at the Apple store, using your Apple ID.

Brazil iTunes card is the best gift you can give an Apple device user on their special days like birthdays, wedding days etc. 

amazon gift card

2. Brazil Amazon Card:

Amazon is the biggest online retail store in the world, selling millions of goods and services daily. The company makes its gift cards available to customers from all over the world.

Brazil Amazon card gives users access to the Amazon store where they can purchase any goods and services of their choice. Being the largest online store you can think of, there’s almost nothing you can find on Amazon.

Brazil Amazon cards can be purchased mainly on the Amazon website and other online gift card vending sites. They can also be found in physical retail stores where gift cards are sold.

Once the Brazil Amazon card is redeemed on the Amazon store, the user can start shopping for their preferred gift items.

Brazil Amazon card is a good gift for everyone across all age groups.

Brazil Steam Card

3. Brazil Steam Card:

Steam is an online gaming platform where users can buy and download the latest video games and other content. Steam has millions of active users from all over the world who purchase and use its content.

Brazil Steam card serves as a means of having access to all the digital content on the Steam platform. 

The Brazil Steam card, when redeemed on the Steam platform, gives the user some Steam wallet credits which they can use to purchase and download their favourite content. 

You can buy Brazil Steam wallet cards from the Steam platform or other gift card vending platforms such as, GiftCardGranny etc.

They can also be purchased in different physical retail stores around your locality. They are perfect gift items for your friends and family who are video game lovers.

Brazil Google Play card

4. Brazil Google Play Card:

Just like the Apple store is a digital store for Apple users, the Google Play Store is a digital store where Android device users can satisfy all their digital needs. 

The available content on the store is subject to the user’s territory, so every country in the world does not have access to the same type of content.

Brazil Google Play cards were designed to give Brazilians access to the Play Store and purchase the numerous digital content of their choice. They can be games, music, movies, apps etc.

When the gift card is redeemed on the Play Store, the monetary value of the card is added to the user’s Google Play account after which he can buy and download some premium content of his choice.

Brazil Google Play cards can be purchased from any of the online gift card vending websites or physical retail stores.

It’s a perfect gift idea for your friends, partner, family, and colleagues who are Android device users.

Brazil Netflix card

5. Brazil Netflix Card:

Netflix is the biggest streaming service for movies, documentaries and other TV shows in the world. This platform has millions of subscribers who stream movies every minute of the day.

Brazil Netflix card, when redeemed, gives users paid access to stream movies on Netflix. 

Just like cash, when the Netflix gift card is applied to the user’s account, the account is credited with the card’s balance.

Brazil Netflix card does not expire, they can also be purchased at any online gift card vending platform or retail stores.

If you have friends, siblings or loved ones who love movies, then you shot consider getting them one.

Tips For Using Brazil Gift Cards

Gift cards have proven to be better than cash payments in stores and also better than gifting items

You have seen that the above-listed gift vouchers have their special uses which they were meant for but this does not mean they can’t be used generally as a gift item to your loved ones.

While choosing the perfect gift card choice for your recipient, you should consider their personality and their hobbies. By doing this, you will give them the most perfect gift cards to take care of their needs.

It will not be thoughtful to give an Amazon card to a Netflix freak friend. The perfect choice should be a Netflix card.

You should not gift a Brazil Netflix card to that friend who loves video games, it should be a Steam card.

Gift vouchers do not waste, even if you don’t want them anymore or want to give them out. You can maximise all the value of your card when you sell them for quick cash or cryptocurrency.


The Brazil gift cards listed in this article provide very amazing options to anyone looking to purchase gift cards in Brazil. Given their different use cases, you will have to consider the purpose of buying them and the type of recipient you’re buying for.

In conclusion, gift cards are a better gift option because it allows you to give the recipient power over their choice of gifts.