google play ghana

Who wouldn’t want to sell a Google Play gift card in Ghana? This brand of gift cards is one of the highest-rated, price-wise. If you own one and won’t redeem it, selling it will be a brilliant idea. They are easy to sell and will give you decent cash.

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

They are used to purchase digital items from the Google Play store on android devices (phones and tablets). Google play store is the only store on android phones, without it, you won’t have access to any app. Google Play gift cards are important because it gives their holder access to the Playstore wonders. The digital store has an array of apps, books, songs, games and other entertaining items. This is another reason why the gift card is an MVP in the game.

To sell the magical gift card, you need to pick out a trustworthy platform to trade on. Picking a good platform from the numerous ones online could be stressful. However, it could take a while and also a lot of trial and error before you get a suitable one.

How to Spot a Reliable Platform

  1. Must be easy to use from the get-go.
  2. Should be able to inform you of current rates.
  3. Cash-out has to be fast enough on the platform.
  4. Check app reviews to see what people say about it.
  5. Rates must be reasonably high.

All these attributes scream out Prestmit! This is the safest platform to trade gift cards and get paid instantly. Without further ado, let us teach you how to sell Google Play gift cards in Ghana using the Prestmit site.

How to Trade That Google Play Gift Card on Prestmit.

  1. Create an account on the platform 
  2. Select Google Play in the category section found on the sell gift cards page.
  3. Enter the amount you are willing to sell. E.G $100 or $300 Google Play
  4. If it’s a physical card, you will have to upload the picture but if it’s an online card, then you will need to type out the code.
  5. After the transaction has been submitted, you will have to wait for only 5-15 minutes to get paid.

There you have it, how to sell Google Play gift cards in Ghana. Just log on to the easy to use Prestmit, sell and get paid.