Developed by the Valve corporation, Steam is a video game digital distribution service. The platform which is one of the largest distributors for PC gaming issues the Steam card.

The Steam card is like every other gift card that is redeemable online or by exchanging for cash or digital currencies. This particular gift card is very popular for its user-accommodating features and uses on gaming platforms. It can also be used to purchase Steam hardware and software that can be valuable for gamers.

As it is one of the most popular gift vouchers for gamers, it is one that many gift card users want to buy today. In this post, we’ll see how much €100 is worth in naira.

What You Need to Know About the Steam Gift Card

The steam card is used mainly by gamers and others in the gaming community. This gift voucher can be redeemed on the Steam platform for credit. This can then be used to purchase games and downloadable content.

The Steam gift card is of two categories; they are physical and e-code. The physical ones are those one can buy in a physical retail store. They are in denominations of  $20, $30, $50, and $100.

The e-code steam card can be purchased online from the Steam website. It is delivered through Steam gift card email delivery. e-code steam cards are in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

A digital steam wallet or Steam account is important when receiving the Steam card’s money value.

Steam Card

A Steam card

How Much is Steam Card 100 Euro in Naira

The rate of the Euro Physical Steam gift card differs from one gift trading platform to another. However, the rate ranges from 645-800 naira. This means that €100 Steam card is between 64,500-80,000 naira.

For the e-code steam card, the rate ranges from 595 to 700 naira. This also means that €100 e-code Steam card is between 59, 500 to 70,000 naira.

How to Buy Steam Card Online in Nigeria

Steam Cards can be purchased online in Nigeria via retail stores like Amazon. This will then be delivered as Steam cards instant email delivery.

The Steam platform is another place to buy your Steam vouchers in Nigeria. The denominations are available for purchase and can be bought with using your local payment methods.

How to Activate your Steam Code

The e-code Steam card can only be used when activated. Listed below are the steps to follow when activating the Steam code;

  1. Visit the Steam website and log in to your Steam account. Create one if you never did.
  2. A dialogue box is provided on the page, type in the gift code from your gift card, or copy the E-code from your email and paste it into the dialogue box.
  3. Steam will verify the code and the value of the gift card will be added to your Steam wallet after the verification is completed.

You can now start buying all you want from the credit balance on your Steam wallet.

Best Place to Redeem your Steam Card

The best place to redeem your gift card in Nigeria is Prestmit. You can exchange your Steam voucher for cash (naira or cedi) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or USDT).

On this platform, you will get the best rate for your Steam gift cards as well as other gift cards. You can check the rate for a Steam gift card by simply selecting “Steam” as a category of gift card.

The Prestmit app for gift card trading is one of the best out there. The platform offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support for your trade. Talking about the awesome trading experience, Prestmit is where you will get it.

Prestmit is the best place to redeem a Steam gift card

Prestmit is the best place to redeem Steam gift card


Steam gift card is one of the best for gamers and those in the gaming community. The gift card can be purchased online via Amazon or the Steam platform.

The rate of a 100-euro Steam card differs from one platform to another. If you have any reason for selling your gift cards including your Steam card, Prestmit is the best place to do so. The best market rate is available here on the platform which is built with love for its users.