Steam gift cards are a one-way game enthusiasts can enjoy the complete gaming experience. But this leaves you with the need to check the Steam gift card balance when you redeem the gift card on the Steam store.

The Steam card offers you other opportunities that can enable you to express love to your friends and family by giving the card as a gift.

Steam gift card


You can use the credit in Steam gift card to purchase games, download content, for software and in-game content. With varying intending purposes for using your Steam gift card, you can buy Steam cards from retailers or Steam online stores.

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The preceding is to guide you on how to check your Steam gift card balance, whether it is a new or already used Steam gift card. 

How To Check Steam Gift Card Balance On the Steam Website

You can check the Steam gift card balance by visiting the Steam store.

  • Log on to the official Steam website to check your gift card balance online.
  • Once logged in, locate the ‘Help Me With My Issue’ button and click on it to contact their customer service to know your Steam gift card balance.
  • Alternatively, log in to your Steam account and check the top right corner below your profile name to see your Steam Wallet balance.
  • You may also visit any Steam store and ask any cashier to check your card balance.

How To Activate The Steam Gift Card

Activation proceeds redeeming; as such, you can not successfully redeem your Steam gift card until you activate it after purchase. You can start your Steam gift cards through the following steps:

  • Open the Steam app on your device
  • Select the “Games” option from the menu bar
  • Enter your Steam wallet code and click on Continue
  • Enter your address, and your Steam card will be activated after this process

It should be noted that a digital Steam gift card does not require activation as you receive the amount of your cad directly in your account. Therefore, the Steam card value is added to your Steam wallet when you receive the gift card.

How To Redeem Steam Gift Card

  1. On your PC or Mobile phone, log on to the official website here
  2. Go to your profile and click on your account name 
  3. Click on View My Wallet
  4. Tap on Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code
  5. Enter your gift card code in the Steam Wallet Code field and click on ‘Continue.’

How to redeem Steam gift card

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Steam gift card is an excellent way of making your friends and family happy, especially gamers, and not forgetting that you can make money from selling the gift card. This is another viable way to fund your Steam account as an alternative to credit or debit cards.

However, you must come to terms with the fact that the Steam gift card is one of the best in the market, as it is easy to use with various features outside of being used to buy games or software.