Gift cards are in fact, one of the most common means of payment in the world, both big and small businesses reward clients in the form of gift cards.

If you want to give a gift that will make the recipient happy, don’t give them something you think they’ll enjoy, your choice may not be their choice. Give them a gift card instead.

What is the implication of this to you as a business owner? The majority of the gift card recipients will likely overspend the card’s value. You know the drill, don’t you? 

When gift cards for businesses are redeemed , they can generate more revenue. The new reality is that setting up a gift card system for your business is simple and affordable.

Below are some directions on how to create gift cards for your business.

Tips On How To Create Gift Card For Businesses

1. Find a low-cost gift card supplier

There are numerous gift card providers available, who can assist you with this.

 Square is a well-known and low-cost gift card provider. Custom gift cards begin at $1.50 each, with a minimum order of 125 cards. When a customer purchases a gift card, you can load the value of the gift card from your Square acount and receive the funds immediately. Aside from the $1.50 charge and standard processing fee, there are no other fees. Square offers you the advantage of creating a card design that is compatible with your brand.

Shopkeep , another  POS system, sells gift cards at low costs. Pricing is defined by your package and the physical gift cards you select, neither of which is disclosed on their website, so there is inadequate information to provide you with transparent pricing.

Because ShopKeep allows small business owners to purchase physical gift cards, there may be some delay while you wait for the cards to arrive, however, you may be able to offer gift certificates through pre-sale until the physical cards arrive.

2. Learn about the laws that apply to gift cards. 

A gift card must have an expiration date that is more than five years from the date of issuance or when funds were last loaded onto the card, according to law. After the expiration date, you may be able to claim the cash value of unused cards in some states. Other states may require you to report unused gift cards as unclaimed property. Through the escheatment process, the unclaimed property must be surrendered to the state.

Read also: Gift Cards Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Gift cards do not sell themselves

Gift cards must be promoted. You can’t buy a gift card if you don’t know they’re available. If a customer has previously done business with you or uses your services regularly, it’s a safe bet that they like what you have to offer and would be willing to share gift cards with their friends. Consider offering a discount on your gift cards to your most loyal customers.


The advantages of a gift card  are as beneficial to your customers as they are to your company. They’re simple to buy, use, and offer as a service that benefits everyone.

Gift cards mean increased revenue and new customers. The best part is that you can reuse or recharge the gift card.

Developing a gift card for business is an excellent way to attract new customers while also allowing prevailing customers to easily share their love and passion for what you do. There’s money to be made in those gift cards, don’t let it slip through your fingers.