Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. It is also a major cloud services provider. Individual websites, software development centres, and customer service centres are located all over the world.

Because Amazon is so large, trades may be difficult to complete without the usage of Amazon gift cards. It’s apparent why Amazon gift cards are needed, given that most businesses create gift cards for their customers. This will make trading on the Amazon platform easier, as well as allow individuals to send Amazon gift cards to their friends and family for an Amazon experience.

However, there are many ways to buy Amazon gift cards on the Amazon platform and these methods are reflected in the different types of receipts issued for the Amazon gift card purchased. That is to say, you can tell exactly how the gift card was purchased by the information on the receipt, it also tells if the gift card was purchased from the Amazon store or not. This article will highlight the difference between the three main Amazon Receipts, keep reading.

amazon gift card

What is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, selling almost any product or service you can think of. Customers can buy Amazon Gift Cards, which they can use to pay for Amazon products purchased on the Amazon platform.

Customers can use their Amazon Gift Cards to purchase a range of items from the Amazon Store and pay for them using their Amazon Gift Cards.

Amazon Gift Cards are available as e-Gift Cards, which are sent as a code to the registered email address, or as plastic cards, which are mailed to the mailing address. Amazon Gift Cards can also be customized and printed at home; the gift card is provided as a PDF, which the user can print on whichever paper they want. Amazon Gift Cards are available in denominations ranging from $5 to $500, though any amount up to $1000 can be purchased.

What You Can Use Amazon Gift Card For

Amazon gift cards are mostly used to buy Amazon products and services. The truth is that we could never provide a comprehensive list of everything you can buy with your Amazon gift cards. So, how do we get started? Appliances, gadgets, apparel, books, and other items are examples.

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase a variety of items from the Amazon shop.

Amazon gift certificates can also be used as gifts. Many people prefer to buy gift cards for their loved ones instead of giving them real gifts. They will be able to purchase the gift of their choice when they use the gift card on Amazon.

Do not forget that Amazon gift cards can be  converted to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or USDT, cash in Naira or Cedia too.

Difference Between Amazon Cash Receipt, Debit Receipt and Activation Receipt

There are different types of receipts generated when an Amazon gift card is purchased. This depends on the types of payment deployed in the purchase of the Amazon gift card. Here, the difference between the Amazon cash, debit and activation receipt has been explained.

1. Amazon Cash Receipt:

A gift card cash receipt is a receipt obtained through a cash payment transaction. It’s a receipt that proves the gift card was purchased with cash and includes the transaction date, the buyer’s name, and the cash amount. The gift cards exchange rate of cash receipts is higher in the second-hand gift card market than for other transaction kinds.

2. Amazon Debit Receipt:

A debit receipt shows that the card was purchased using a Debit ATM CARD. It’s comparable to a credit card receipt in that it’s not a cash-purchased gift card, as specified at the top or bottom of the document. The exchange rate for a gift card with a debit receipt is the same as the exchange rate for a gift card with a credit card receipt on the secondary market.

3. Amazon Activation Receipt:

A document that shows that a gift card has been successfully activated for usage is known as an activation receipt. It’s not a cash receipt, a debit receipt, or even a credit card receipt. The retail receipt is paired with the activation receipt. The gift card activation information, including the activation amount and the gift card’s last four numbers, will be printed underneath the payment information.

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Best Type Of Amazon Receipt

The best Amazon Receipt is the Amazon Cash Receipt. Customers who do not want to use their debit or credit cards can use the Amazon cash receipt. With Amazon cash, you may add money to your Amazon balance at any physical store across the world. You can add as little as $5 per day or as much as $500 per day at no additional cost.

Your account will be credited with the funds, which you can use to shop at any Amazon store.

Amazon cash receipts are generally safer to use since they are given more priority and so have a higher monetary value than other payment choices. You should also utilize it if you’re worried about chargebacks or erroneous charges on your debit or credit card.

Where To Sell Amazon Gift Card With Receipt 

You can turn in your Amazon gift cards with any type of receipt to Prestmit, for instant payment in cryptocurrency(Bitcoin or USDT) or cash(Naira or Cedis).

Prestmit is a leading gift card and crypto trading platform in Africa, which offers a very stress-free channel of converting gift cards to money or crypto, and also, trading crypto for money. 

The Prestmit app is reliable, easy to use, fast and above, offers high rates for trades plus a bonus on trades.

How To Sell Amazon Gift Card On Prestmit

The steps below will assist you in achieving this goal:

  1. To begin, create a user account and log in.
  2. Select “Start Trading” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and fill in the gift card information by scrolling down the page.
  4. Choose “Category” and then “Amazon Gift Card.”
  5. Choose “GIFT CARD” from the drop-down menu: This is where you’ll go into more detail about the Amazon gift card you want to sell. For instance, Amazon physical USA Cash Receipt (100-above)
  6. Select “AMOUNT” from the drop-down menu: Fill in the total number of gift cards you’d like to sell. If you sell a $50 Amazon gift card in ten pieces, the total cost will be $500. When you choose your currency (Naira or Cedis), the price of the Amazon gift card will be instantly shown when you input the amount. An automated rate calculator determines this. If you choose Bitcoin or USDT as your payment method, the dollar value will be displayed as well.
  7. Submit File: You can use this form to upload images of Amazon gift cards.
  8. Choose PAYOUT METHOD: if you’re selling Amazon Gift Cards for cash, choose Naira or Cedis; if you’re selling crypto, go with Bitcoin or USDT.
  9. SEND IMMEDIATELY: If you want the money sent straight to your bank account, click the “Send Directly To My Bank Account” checkbox and enter your wallet address in the “Wallet Address” field. Remember to choose your desired bank and bank information.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” to receive immediate payment.