Gift cards are all the rave in today’s clime. If you haven’t used one before, you may be considering doing so and it’s okay to try them. They’re popular because you can do several things with them. These shopping cards can be used anywhere in the world but if you need to buy gift cards in Jamaica for any occasion, we’ll hook you up to the best options.

Whether it’s buying coveted items from the big merchant names or paying to test out the latest update on Grand Auto Theft, a gift card can cover these purchases anywhere. That’s why people decide to gift their loved ones with gift cards to shop wherever they want or from specific stores.

In this article, we’ll list gift cards that anyone can use to purchase all sorts of things. So, in the spirit of giving gifts, we bring you five gift cards to buy in Jamaica.

5 Gift Cards to Buy in Jamaica

gift cards to buy in jamaica

1. Sephora

Sephora is a beauty and cosmetics brand with physical stores dotting various African countries, including Jamaica. Most ladies who shop beauty products often or receive gift cards to shop are well acquainted with Sephora.

There are several ways your Sephora gift can be put to good use. But it’s mostly to purchase any cosmetic or beauty product from the brand. It’s an excellent choice for a gift to a special person on their anniversary, graduation, birthday or just for random gifting.

You can only redeem Sephora gift cards in Sephora stores in Jamaica or online. The cards do not expire and remain valid till anyone redeems them.

2. Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon, including our Caribbean friends in Jamaica. So an Amazon gift card won’t sound new. But it’s definitely exciting to be gifted one!

Amazon holds a position as one of the largest global e-commerce stores. You can purchase almost anything there, making an Amazon gift card a fantastic gift. This card is perfect for shopping for different items, from homeware and gadgets to beauty and fashion. You can also buy your favourite ebooks on the Kindle store.

Usually, you can buy an Amazon gift card from the official online store, but you can also find them at retail stores in Jamaica. It could be a physical card or an e-gift card. Beware, though, that gift cards from this e-commerce giant expire after one year. But you can renew its validity by contacting customer support.

3. Steam

Ask any gaming enthusiast what gift card they would appreciate, and they would most likely mention a Steam gift card as one of the options. The brand is popular in Jamaica as there are also young, vibrant game lovers there who may not have game consoles.

You can use a Steam gift card  to access various video games and software on the Steam store. A holder can also exchange it for cash. Usually, the gift card allows users to buy wallet credit with which they can now purchase several games or gaming accessories on the Steam platform.

Steam cards can be purchased from online or physical retailers around Jamaica. You can also reload a used card.

4. Razer Gold

While many gamers would appreciate other gift cards like Steam or Xbox, a Razer gold card would be the BEST gift ever! Jamaican folk have young people who enjoy gaming just like other young people in other countries worldwide, and they’re well aware that a Razer gold card is the jackpot.

What can you do with a Razer gold gift card? Besides buying games and gaming software, an enthusiast can purchase other gift cards like PlayStation and Google Play. These other cards give the holder access to music, apps, games and other digital products. You can also use it to buy cryptocurrency.

The recipient can redeem their card online anytime because Razer gold cards do not expire. The card comes in green, black and gold colours.

5. iTunes/Apple

Apple and iTunes gift cards are often used interchangeably, but they differ. Jamaicans love music, and anyone who uses an iOS device will appreciate an iTunes card.

An Apple gift card is a thoughtful gift because a holder can use the card to purchase Apple products like iPhones, iPods and other hardware accessories. An iTunes gift card gives the owner access to music, movies and apps.

You can redeem an Apple card in physical stores or online, but iTunes cards can only be redeemed online.



Gift cards provide an easy way to show love and appreciation to your loved ones anywhere. Next time you visit Jamaica or have an occasion that warrants gifting someone who resides there, try any of these gift cards – Sephora, Amazon, Steam, Razer Gold, Apple/iTunes. They’re all available for purchase online from the manufacturer and retailers. Some of them, like Sephora and Apple, can be redeemed in physical stores.

So, forgo the stress of brainstorming the perfect gift ideas, going out to source for them and dealing with the shipping. Gift cards are better than physical gifts these days. Just send a gift card and let the recipient enjoy the shopping experience or do whatever they want with the card. All these cards can be exchanged for cash or crypto on Prestmit.