Gift card trading is one of the viable ways of making money in this digital age; you can buy and sell gifts at reasonable prices or rates. But some gift card trading apps are saddled with the responsibility of buying and selling various types of gift cards on their platform, and Prestmit is one such gift trading app. You can meet all your gift card expectations when you buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Prestmit is one of the best gift trading apps in Nigeria and Ghana, and by extension, in Africa, as it enables you to buy and sell different gift cards at excellent prices and the best rates. Prestmit app, available on the Google Play store and Apple store, lets you purchase gift cards with either cash (naira and cedis) or cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, and USDT). In the meantime, you can sell your gift cards on Prestmit for either cash or cryptocurrency.

We remain the sought-after platform for providing for your gift needs. At the same time, we pride ourselves in our vast customer base that cuts across different demography and geographical regions.

Prestmit gift card trading app has unique features that make our transactions fast and seamless when you trade on our platform. Do you imagine selling your gift cards and receiving payments within a few minutes? Or maybe you want to buy your gift cards (physical and digital) on our app; you can rest assured to buy them at the best prices. Prestmit is and remains the best plug for this trade.

Therefore, the Prestmit gift card app offers an encompassing function of initiating different gift card trades. This article highlights and suggests the legitimacy of the Prestmit gift card to the naira app.

An Overview Of the Prestmit Gift Card To Naira App

Prestmit gift card trading app

There is a need to digest what Prestmit is and how this app works with the reputation it has garnered over the years of establishment.

What Is Prestmit?

One thing that comes to the mind of Nigerians, especially the young generations at the sound of Prestmit, is gift card trading. This harps on the fact that Prestmit has successfully curated a niche of gift card trading for itself such that we offer you complete service to every trade related to gift cards.

We are an over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform in gift card trading, but you can buy and sell your cryptocurrency (BTC, DOGE, LTC, and USDT) on our platform. You can also sell airtime for cash with us, as we are reputed to be one of the best platforms to flip airtime for money in Nigeria.

Therefore, our app is a one-stop portal that caters for all your trading needs, and this posits that the Prestmit gift card trading app is credible.

How Does Prestmit Work?

As stated earlier, Prestmit provides over-the-counter (OTC) trading services, from gift card trading to crypto trading, and we operate exclusively on our trading app. Although you can visit our official website to acquaint yourself with our products and services as a top-notch trading platform, we reserve our trading services to our gift card trading app, on which you can navigate your way to buy and sell your preferred gift card.

Our services are available 24/7; as such, you can trade for your gift card anytime and anywhere without any limitation. Our team of professionals is always readily available to initiate your transactions and resolve your queries.

Reputation And Popularity Of Prestmit

Reputation is the nucleus of every business. This noble fact has enabled us to build an online reputation that speaks volumes of our professionalism and transparency when dealing with our customers. Prestmit’s reputation and popularity have stood the test of time in such a way that potential gift card traders have a platform to buy and sell gift cards.

Both in Nigeria and Ghana, Prestmit is not just popular but remains the best platform for gift card trading. This, however, underscores our astuteness and recreation of our app to ensure it is always user-friendly without a glitch.

Is Prestmit A Legitimate Gift Card To Naira App?

Prestmit is a safe and secure gift card trading app for every gift card. You can be assured of trading with us, and there will not be a case of money loss or card loss as the case may be. We know that the value of that customer is king, and we always indulge ourselves in bringing absolute satisfaction from gift card trading to all our prospective customers.

Prestmit is duly registered in Nigeria, making our gift card trading services approved and legal. At the same time, we remain the best platform in the business of gift card trading in Nigeria.

Features Of Prestmit GiftCardToNaira App

Prestmit gift card trading app

1. User Interface And User Experience

Prestmit understands the needs of its customers, and this informed how we designed our app to make it simple and easy to use. We also know the demography of our teeming customers, so we ensure our app is something they can relate to.

We have a user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate through to buy gift cards, sell gift cards, and make or receive payments without hassle. Prestmit app can easily be used by both gift card trading beginners and experts because our user interface is not complex.

The Prestmit app offers every Prestmit customer a user experience they can always relish with the hope of retaining them as a staunch Prestmit customer. At the same time, we continue to serve them with our various trading services.

2. Availability Of Gift Card Options

Prestmit offers a wide range of gift cards you can choose from, either to buy or sell. Gift cards on our platform include iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Steam gift cards, Nike gift cards, Foot Locker gift cards, AMEX gift cards, and whatnot.

While each gift card serves different purposes, you can buy and sell any for cash or cryptocurrency on the Prestmit gift card trading app. So this means that we have multiple gift cards on our platform and provide different payment options.

3. Payment Options And Speed Of Transaction

Prestmit has different payment options on its gift trading app, depending on whether you buy or sell a gift card.

You can make bank or wire transfers when buying gift cards on the Prestmit gift card trading app, including receiving cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method. Meanwhile, you can sell your gift cards for naira or cryptocurrency on our gift card trading app.

Transactions are Prestmit are fast, and this is one of the features that are outstanding from the rest. For instance, when I wanted to sell iTunes gift cards given to me on my birthday, it took only about six minutes for me to sell the card and receive the payment in my bank account. It was easy and fast!

4. Security And Customer Support

There is an enabled security system on Prestmit with two-factor authentication and centralised security infrastructure that allows the safety and security of every transaction on the Prestmit gift card trading app. With these features, you can be assured of no scam or possible money loss.

Moreover, we have responsive customer support that works round the clock to resolve your queries quickly. Prestmit hones the skills of customer service to the optimum for the satisfaction of all its users.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Prestmit?

  • Swift and safe transactions with good delivery
  • User-friendly interface that portends easy navigation
  • Multiple payment options when you buy and sell gift cards
  • Prompt resolution of queries from customers
  • Wide range of gift cards available to buy and sell
  • Best gift card prices or rates

User Reviews And Feedbacks On Converting Gift Card To Naira on Prestmit

Let’s examine what some customers say about using the Prestmit gift card trading app.

1. “Great website and great services! My deal ran like a dream! I exchanged AMEX cards, which were processed faster, and my payment was sent fast. I recommend this. You have ten plus on my part. I will use your services in the next future! Thank you” – Jose Diego

2. “Prestmit is a trustworthy and reliable site to trade your gift card and Bitcoin. Since I started trading on prestmit, I have been trading on this site. I have never regretted it. And I love prestmit most when there is an error in your transaction. Just report the issues to them they will solve the problem immediately” – Chibueze Justice

3. “Very informative and helpful from start to finish- Brilliant service and I would thoroughly recommend!!!” – S Wallace

4. “Presmit is the best platform for trading your gift cards and Bitcoin, with no ripping and the fastest payout. I have been trading with presmit since last year; they have not ripped me once. They are the best, buy and sell all kinds of gift cards with them. Their payouts are typically in 5 minutes.” – Bacilo Chuksy

5. “The app is perfect. The sweetest part is the speed at which money enters your bank after withdrawal. The amazing part which I enjoy about this app is they have full control over pending transactions” – Paul Bankole

Solutions To Common Issues On Prestmit Gift Card Trading App

Prestmit is always proactive in referring solutions to the queries of its users by being responsive as much as it can to win the satisfaction of its customers. We are keen to understand the mood and emotions of our customers concerning gift card trading, so you can be sure that we own up to our services and endeavour to give you the best.

Comparison Of Prestmit With Other Gift Card Trading Platforms

Prestmit stands out among gift card trading platforms due to its features that are adequately designed to satisfy the trading experience of its customers. Some of the advantages that Prestmit has over other platforms include the following:

  • Fast speed of transaction that averages five minutes, thereby leading the trading speed of other platforms.
  • Prompt customer support that provides solutions to the trading needs of its customers by staying atop all lingering situations.
  • Seasonal discounts that make Prestmit customers get the best price or rates for gift cards.
  • Gift card rates calculator that gives our customers real-time gift card rates


Prestmit is a trading company duly registered with a physical and online presence. With tens of millions of transactions processed by Prestmit, its legitimacy is tested and trusted beyond bounds. The success of Prestmit hinges on its features that make gift card trading seamless.

Gift card trading can be attractive when you trade with a trusted and reliable platform, and Prestmit is here to meet all your needs related to gift card trading.