Gift cards are popular and relevant today. They serve multiple functions and are widely adopted as a payment method at select stores.

One of Nigeria’s best gift cards is the Google Play gift card, valued for its versatility. Hence the need to know how to buy Google Play gift cards with Naira in Nigeria.

Google Play Store is a popular digital distribution platform amongst Nigerians, especially Android mobile users. This portal allows you to access and download millions of mobile apps. You can access various content that borders on niches like entertainment, finance, software, games, messaging, education, lifestyle, e-commerce, travel, etc. There is no mobile application that Android users can not access and download on the digital platform giant.

Buy Google Play gift cards with naira

However, while some mobile apps are free to download on the Google Play Store. There are other premium apps that require you to make a payment or purchase before you can access them. One major drawback of accessing such premium downloading services in Nigeria is the difficulty in using naira-denominated payment cards to subscribe to the service. This has greatly concerned many Nigerians seeking to access some premium apps..

Although Nigerians can circumvent the regional restriction of payment on the store by using virtual cards provided by top virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria, the Google Play gift card is considered the best payment card to enable your access to premium downloads.

Understanding Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play gift cards are prepaid cards of stored value that enable you to purchase on the Google Play Store. Google, the parent company of Google Play, issues the card. Enabling you to pay for any premium content on its store. This is owed to the real-time value of the card as the best alternative to holding cash.

These prepaid cards exist in both physical and digital forms. Google Play cards are designed in denominations ranging from $5 to $100, with a relative number of codes to redeem on the Google Play Store.

Google Play cards also exist in different currencies – some of which are the U.S. Dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, British Pound, etc. However, you can buy and convert any of these currency denominations on Prestmit at the best prices.

However, you can buy and convert any of these currency denominations on Prestmit at the best prices. Prestmit is and remains one of the best gift trading platforms in Nigeria, Ghana, and by extension, Africa. This is because of its range of trading features that enable you to buy or sell different gift cards. This means you can also sell Google Play gift cards in Nigeria at the best rates you can not find elsewhere.

How To Set Up Prestmit Account

You can create a Prestmit account with these few steps:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit account
  • Log into your Prestmit account
  • Your account is ready for use

Moreover, you need to set up your preferred Prestmit wallet to enable you to start making transactions like buying a gift card on the platform.

Your wallet is naira-denominated if you are in Nigeria or Cedi-denominated for Ghanaians. Therefore, you can pay by using your Prestmit wallet balance or pay with Bitcoin to buy Google Play gift cards on the innovative over-the-counter (OTC) digital trading platform.

How To Buy Google Play Gift Cards On Prestmit

Buy Google Play gift cards with naira

  • Log into your Prestmit account
  • Click on “Buy & sell gift cards”
  • Click on “Buy gift cards”
  • Enter “Google Play” in the search bar or scroll down to the card in the gift card list
  • Click on your preferred country of Google Play card. Here, you may choose “Google Play US”
  • Enter the amount of the card that you want to buy
  • Choose your preferred quantity of the card
  • The built-in gift card calculator will display the naira value of the card to you
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Tick the “Terms & Conditions” box
  • Click on “Proceed”
  • Choose “Pay with Naira wallet” as your preferred payment method
  • Click on “Complete Purchase”
  • You will instantly receive your Google Play card in your email.

Furthermore, it is important to note that you can buy Google Play gift cards with two broad payment options. You can either use fiat currency (naira and cedi) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Prestmit offers these options to make your purchase seamless and convenient on the platform.

Safety And Security Tips On Buying Google Play Gift Cards On Prestmit

1. Keep Your Prestmit Wallet Private

Treating your Prestmit wallet with the same due diligence you apply in your local bank account is important. The wallet holds your fund on Prestmit. Hence, you need to be proactive to keep your device and access your Prestmit account private. Do not reveal your password and payment code to anyone.

In addition, you must also endure activating the two-factor authentication (2FA) feature on Prestmit to restrict unauthorized access that could put your Prestmit wallet at risk of possible loss of funds. Therefore, you must always ensure that the 2FA is enabled to protect your wallet and fund from theft.

2. Protect Your Email

Let’s reiterate that you will receive the purchased Google Play gift card in your email, which is the only option on Prestmit. This means you have to keep your email access restricted always. This is important at a time when you have not redeemed the card. You may likely lose your gift card to theft if malicious entities have access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Google Play Gift Card Available In Nigeria?

Google cards are available in Nigeria in different currencies and denominations. But you need to buy your card from a reliable platform like Prestmit. Our platform is trusted by over 400,000 users trading with various digital assets. Also, there are over 300 gift cards that you can buy on Prestmit.

How Much Is a $100 Google Play Gift Card In Naira?

As of the time of writing this article, a $100 Google Play card is N79,000. But it should be noted that the price is not fixed – as prices are subject to market forces like the real exchange rate of the dollar to the naira and the global gift card market. Nonetheless, this is the best price that you can buy a $100 Google Play card anywhere in Nigeria.

How Do I Redeem Google Play Gift Cards In Nigeria?

You can redeem your Google card with these few steps:

  • Open the Google Play app
  • Click on the profile icon at the top right of your screen
  • Click on “Payments & subscription.”
  • Click on “Redeem gift code.”
  • Enter the code


Google Play cards are excellent payment cards to buy and own as the digital asset enables you access to millions of apps on the Google Play Store. It also provides you with the opportunity to give it to someone as a gift. However, it is important to know the naira value of your card – which is why Prestmit has a built-in gift card calculator.

Start buying your gift card at the best prices on Prestmit and get your card delivered in a few minutes.