It is common thing for users to misunderstand the type or use of a product for another product, especially when they’re close substitutes. This common mistake runs through every market, food market, technology market, fashion, construction, etc

For example, there are two general types of gift cards; physical cards or e-gift cards and they both have different methods of usage, rates, and form. For many who are unaware of these differences and how they work, they may experience some challenges while using any of them.

iTunes is Apple’s biggest market for all kinds of media, software, and entertainment. iTunes gift card enables you to purchase apps, books, music, movies, and more, online.

However, it is important to note that iTunes gift cards are very different from Apple store gift cards, though many users assume them to be the same. 

This article has emphasized the major difference between an iTunes gift card and an Apple store gift card.

What Is An Itune Gift Card?

An iTunes gift card is a purchased credit for Apple’s various digital services. This comprises the iTunes Store,  Apple’s media, and software. It gives you access to Apple’s marketplace where you can buy music, movies, apps, and more. Itunes gift cards are solely for the purchase of Apple’s virtual products and services.

You can also use iTunes gift cards to subscribe to Apple Music and other Apple services.

What Is An Apple Store Card?

Apple Gift Cards are purchased credit for the purchase of various goods and services from the Apple Store. It enables the holder to buy various goods from any Apple store, as well as digital services too. With an Apple gift card, you can buy iPhones,iPad, MacBooks, etc from any Apple retail store. You can also purchase movies, music, apps and subscribe to Apple services on Apple Store, using your Apple store card.

Difference Between Itunes Gift Cards And Apple Store Cards

The major difference between them is that Itunes gift cards are only used online, while the Apple store gift can be used in-store and online.

Apple Store gift cards can be used at Apple’s online or physical retail stores to buy Apple hardware products like iPhones, iPads, Mac laptops, Apple Watches.

iTunes gift cards are used only for buying software on both the iTunes Store and App Store, such as music, movies, apps, TV shows, and books.

Knowing this difference, you may want to choose sending your loved ones an Apple card instead of an iTunes card, if they need to buy an iPhone or an Apple watch.

You will also send them an iTunes card when they need to buy new songs, movies, or apps from the Apple store.

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