Prestmit vs GloverGift cards are wonderful gifts when it comes to appreciating family, friends or employees but that’s outside Nigeria and Ghana. Back in the West African countries, gift cards are made useful in a different way. They are being traded for cash or crypto and the market has been on a steady rise over the years. Before the advent of gift card trading platforms, gift card holders in Nigeria and Ghana had been left stranded whenever they found themselves with a gift card they couldn’t use. But these days they can easily sell them off on one of the numerous platforms that buy them. In this article, we have put two giants in the industry against each other in a battle of which is a better trading platform. So sit back, relax ( if you can) and enjoy Prestmit Vs Glover.

Before we go forward with the battle though we need to understand a few things about gift card trading. Things like what gift card trading platforms are, how they work and what makes a reliable trading platform.

What Are Gift Card Trading Platforms?

Gift card trading platforms are simply the solution to unused gift cards. Research shows that 56% of millennials (who are also the highest buyers) have at least one unused gift card. Instead of letting them lie unused in your room, gift card exchange platforms have offered to buy them off you.

Gift card trading platforms buy gift cards from traders who have no use for their cards again. Traders in Nigeria and Ghana no longer have to wait forever before they can sell to an individual who will need it. 

How Do Gift Card Trading Platforms Work?

Gift card trading platforms are easy to use but that’s if it’s well thought one. To trade on a platform the user has to create an account. It is through your unique account that you sell your gift cards. You will be required to fill in your card details and payment currency to complete your trade.

A good platform will pay instantly while the unreliable ones take forever or just never pay. This brings us to our next topic. What are the characteristics of a reliable gift card trading platform?

Characteristics of a Reliable Gift Card Trading Platform

There are a few characters a trading platform must have before it can be passed as reliable. Here are those characters:

  • It Must Sell at High Rates

When you sell your gift card you want to make the best amount of money from it, so it is important that the gift card trading platform buys at high rates.

  • It Should be User Friendly

A user-friendly platform makes it easy for users to manoeuvre through without assistance. This is why a reliable platform must be user friendly.

  • Instant Payout

After giving out your gift card details and completing transactions, getting paid immediately is what every gift card trader wants. So a reliable gift card trading platform must be able to pay users instantly.

  • Responsive Customer Support

Whenever you encounter problems on a platform you will need external assistance, this is where customer support comes in. Customer support will help you, users, when technology has its downtimes or the user is new to the platform.

  • Availability of a Rate Calculator 

A rate calculator is an automated calculator that helps gift card traders know what rate the trading platform buys at. This is important so as to know what platform sells at the highest rates. This is important so as to know what platform sells at the highest

  • It Should Have an App Platform 

An app version helps new users see what other users think about each platform. This is where you can get first-hand information about a platform. Plus an app version also gives easy access to the platform’s services.

Now that we have understood what a good gift card trading platform should be, we can now move on to the main topic; Prestmit vs Glover. The two gift card trading platforms are good in their rights but one of them has the upper hand and I will show you why.

Prestmit Vs Glover: Why Prestmit is the Better Option

Are you a newbie searching for the right platform to trade your gift card on? Are stuck trying to choose between Prestmit and Glover? Here is a guide to help you make the right decisions:

  • User-Friendly/User-Confusion

Prestmit Technologies prides itself in providing the most user-friendly platform for traders. One Prestmit the traders are king and it is evident from the user interface of the platform. 

I can’t say the same for the Glover platform. The platform is notorious for being confusing to use. A number of traders have complained and are still complaining about how they can’t figure out one or two things on the platform. So in the Presmit vs Glover battle, Prestmit totally outshines Glover on this front.

  • Instant Payment/No Payment

Payment on Prestmit takes at most 2-5 minutes and this is because the admin has to confirm your card and bank account.

On Glover though, traders are at the risk of not getting paid at all after transactions have been completed. This is the worst nightmare of every trader, not getting paid. This is why Prestmit is all about paying instantly so as to avoid “stories that touch”.

  • High Rates/Low Rates

Even though the two platforms promise high rates only one actually lives up to expectations and your guess is as good as mine. Prestmit promises high rates and delivers high-quality rates. 

Glover on the other hand promises high rates buys at high rates but collects a large chunk of the money back through hidden charges.

  • Responsive Customer Support/Unreliable Customer Support

As I already mentioned, the customers (a.k.a Traders) are king on the Prestmit platform. This is why the company has invested so much in providing its users with a supportive customer care system. 

Traders on Glover seem to be in perpetual darkness, kinda like an area in Lagos with a bad transformer. The customer service on this platform does not respond on time or most times never. 

  • Rate Calculator 

Users on the Glover platform have been clamouring for a means of knowing the rates before they sell. It is frustrating traders don’t know how much they will get before giving out their card details. If that isn’t risky then I don’t know what risky means.

On Prestmit the traders are at no risk as there is a standby rate calculator on the platform. Before you trade any gift card at all, you can check the rate so as to know exactly what you would be earning.

  • App Reviews

Go down to the app reviews of both platforms and read from the “horse’s mouth” . You would see what users think about the two exchange platforms. Let me give you a hint, the reviews on Glover aren’t encouraging.

In Conclusion 

It is obvious what platform has the upper hand, you can go to or app to start trading on the best gift card trading platform. Thank me later and happy trading!