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How Much Is a $500 AMEX Gift Card In Naira 2022

$500 AMEX Gift Card Gift cards have made the art of gift-giving more effective and precise than they used to be because they give the recipient the power to get what they want. Apart from using them as gifts, gift card holders in Nigeria also trade them for cash and sometimes cryptocurrency. Gift card trading platforms have given Nigerians the avenue to turn their once unusable gift cards into money-making cards. One gift card brand that is a sure moneymaker is the American Express gift card. The gift card is one of the most valuable gift cards on most gift card trading platforms. This is why the exchange rate of a $500 AMEX gift card deserves an article.

American Express also known as AMEX is an American financial services organization that makes payment cards. Their experience in making debit/credit cards has given them an upper hand in making an effective gift card. This is because the organization already has a payment platform that allows their card users to use them for payment in different business organizations. What this translates to is that anywhere AMEX debit/credit cards are accepted then AMEX gift cards will also be accepted therefore making it an open-loop gift card.

Open-loop gift cards, unlike closed-loop gift cards, gives its holder access to more shopping options because it allows them to shop in different stores. This is why they are rated highly on gift card trading apps/sites. This article is designed to help you know how profitable trading a $500 American Express Gift card is.

What To Expect

  • How to Buy an American Express Gift Card.
  • How To Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance.
  • What is a Gift Card Trading Platform?
  • How To Trade Your $500 American Express Gift Card on Prestmit.
  • How Much Is a $500 AMERICAN EXPRESS Gift Card In Naira 2022.

How to Buy an American Express Gift Card

First on the plate is how to buy an AMEX gift card. You can buy American Express gift cards online on or on other online retailers like and 

You can also buy them offline at retail stores and banks in the United States of America. After buying your $500 American Express gift card it’s important to check the balance to be sure it corresponds with what you paid.

How To Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance

Checking your $500 American Express gift card is easier than you might have imagined because you can do it from your phone or any device that can connect you to the internet.

You can check your AMEX gift cards offline by calling the customer support number on 888-846-4308. The number is located at the back of the physical gift card.

For those that live and breathe in the digital space, you can check your balance on the company’s website. To make it easier for you to locate you can go through this link. You would have to input your gift card number and click I am not a robot on the page the link takes you to.

Now that you must have confirmed the balance on your gift card it is time to sell it on a gift card trading platform that buys at high rates. 

What is a Gift Card Trading Platform?

A gift card trading platform is a site or app where gift cards are traded for cash or cryptocurrency. Due to the rise in the amount of gift card traders in Nigeria, a number of gift card trading industry platforms have surfaced. This has made it hard for novice gift card traders to identify a reliable platform from a non-reliable one. Here is how to identify a reliable gift card trading platform:

  • It must have a Rate Calculator for you to check the rates on the platform.
  • After checking out the rates you need to pick a platform that buys at the highest rates in order to maximize your profit.
  • Check reviews to see if previous users complain or are happy about instant payment. This is necessary so you can eliminate those that do not offer instant payment.
  • While trying to download a trading app lookout for platforms that offer rewards for referrals.

Top 10 Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria

The following are the 10 best trading apps according to different criteria:

  1. Prestmit
  2. GiftCardsToNaira 
  3. Nosh 
  4. CardnCash 
  5. Cardtonic 
  6. Paxful
  7. Apexpay
  8. CardVest
  9. Glover
  10. Rocket by Chiji14xchange

The only one platform out of the bunch possesses all the attributes listed to identify a reliable platform and that’s Prestmit.

Prestmit is a secure/easy to use gift card trading platform that buys gift cards at high rates. So selling your $500 American Express gift card on Prestmit will definitely give you good returns. The platform operates on a 24 hours basis and has a responsive customer care system that is ready to help you out when you encounter issues.

How to Trade Your $500 American Express Gift Card On Prestmit 

Follow the steps below to trade your Amex gift card on Prestmit:

  • Create an account on Prestmit.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on “START TRADE”.
  • Fill in the details you need to fill in. These details will include your gift card numbers.
  • Wait for confirmation, which takes only 5 minutes. After that, you get paid.

However, before trading, you might want to use the inbuilt Rate Calculator to check for the current rate of a $500 Amex gift card. 

How Much Is a $500 AMEX Gift Card In Naira 2022

Gift card trading rates can change at any time due to different reasons, this is why you need a standby rate calculator to be sure of current rates.

Using the rate calculator on Prestmit, a $500 American Express gift card trades at -N-200,000 (price subject to change).

In Conclusion 

American Express gift cards continue to be one of the most expensive traded gift cards so it will benefit every gift card trader should look towards trading them for cash or crypto. On Prestmit traders also stand the opportunity of acquiring crypto with their gift cards. You can do this by picking the type of crypto you want as a payment option. Get that American Express gift card today and trade on Prestmit to get paid instantly.