Nike Gift Card is popularly known for providing consumers with a wide variety of choices to suit their sports style. Nike gift cards are cards that have been pre-loaded with a set amount of money and can be used to purchase sport kits and trainees right on The gift cards, which are preloaded with a particular amount of money can be used for the purchase of sport wears, footwear, accessories, and equipment.

No doubt why Nike is one of the most popular gift cards you can sell online.

If you have a Nike gift card, it follows that you should know how to check your gift card balance, so as to be in the loop of all your spending. Not knowing your gift card balance may lead to your card being declined if items purchased is greater than the balance. Do you have a new or partly-used Nike gift card? Here are easy ways to check the balance on your gift card.

How To Check My Nike Gift Card Balance


Know Your Nike Gift Card Balance via Phone Call 

Behind the pack in which your Nike gift card came in, you will find directions that indicate a toll-free number. This number assists you in knowing your Nike gift card balance. To check your Nike balance, you will need to provide the 16-digit gift card number on the front of the card, as well as the PIN on the back.

Check Your Nike Gift Card Online

You may also check your Nike card balance online by visiting the Nike gift card checker page

Nike Gift Card: Activation & Restrictions

How To Activate Nike Gift Card on Phone

Nike gift cards, most times come with a sticker attached to the front of the card. On it is a number that you need to activate your card. All you need is to call the number written on the gift card and follow the instructions to activate it.

You will need to type in card’s account number and card verification number (CVN) on your phone to verify and activate it. The CVN is the three numbers printed on the back of the card.

How To Activate Nike Gift Card Online

You can activate your gift card online. Here’s how to do so: 

Use the activation link printed on the pack attached to the front of your Nike gift card. If yours does not have a pack, use the vendor’s website link listed on the back of your gift card. The vendor’s website should contain a link to activate your gift card.

Are Nike Gift Cards Reloadable?

The gift card is easily reloadable. If you want to keep using your Nike gift card after it is low, you can add value to it at any Nike retail store close to you.

Can My Nike Gift Card Expire?

No, Nike gift cards do not expire.

What Are The Forms of Nike Gift cards?

These gift cards can be obtained in two different forms: physical and digital gift cards.