Gift cards are available in different parts of the world including the Philippines. There are different gift card stores in the Asian country for users.

The Philippines is one of the top nations in the world with gamers (this can be seen in the number of Axie Infinity users). Gift cards are used by gamers as well as Filipinos to purchase goods of different kinds.

In this article, we’ll see the different types of gift cards in the Philippines. Before then, let’s know more about gift cards and their uses.

What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid money cards issued by a retailer, bank, or company. These cards are loaded with a specific amount of money which is then used to purchase products and services from particular stores.

They serve as an alternative method of payment when making a purchase both online and offline. They come in different forms, counties, and denominations.

The are two forms of gift cards which are physical cards (plastic) and e-gift cards also known as e-codes which are delivered to your email address or phone number.

There are various types of gift cards issued by retailers, banks, and brands. These include Walmart, Amazon, AMEX, iTunes, Razer Gold, Steam, Vanilla, Spar, eBay, Google Play, and so on.

These gift cards are used as a form of payment for goods, used as a gift to loved ones, among other uses.

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5 Types of Gift Cards in the Philippines

There are several gift card stores in the Philippines where one can redeem top gift cards. On this platform, users are paid in the Philippines’ national currency, known as the Philippines Peso or Piso (P). The types of gift cards in the Philippines are seen below.

1. Apple Gift Card

The apple gift card is one of the top gift cards available worldwide. This gift voucher issued by Apple is used to purchase Apple products like iPhones, iPad, etc,h, etc. from the online store.

Apple iTunes gift card is available for purchase in physical stores in the Philippines with the Piso. The denominations of this gift card are in different price ranges from one platform to another.

2. Steam Gift Card

Gamers popularly use steam gift cards issued by Steam in different parts of the world. As the Philippines is known to have a lot of gamers, the Steam gift card is quite popular.

The Steam card in denominations includes 50, 100, 250, 500, 800, 1000, and 2200 can be purchased with the Philippines Peso. This is another type of gift card in the Philippines.

3. PlayStation Store Gift Card

PlayStation gift cards can be redeemed for anything on PlayStation Store, games, add-ons, memberships, and more.

In the Philippines, there are retail stores where Filipinos purchase PlayStation Store gift cards. This can be used as a gift for a friend or family member. The rate of this gift card in Piso ranges in different retail stores.

4. Giftaway Gift Card

Giftaway is an eGift platform that allows businesses to reward and incentivize stakeholders such as employees and customers.

The eGift voucher is in denominations in the Piso. This includes the P100, P300, P500, P1000, and so on. These gift cards are used to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones.

5. Xbox Gift Card

The Xbox gift card is another gift voucher like the one issued by the PlayStation. The Xbox gift card for games and entertainment is also available in the Philippines.

This gift card which can be used on Xbox and Windows can be redeemed with the Piso in retail stores. In a country with many gamers, the Xbox gift card is top on the list of users.


There are different types of gift cards available in the Philippines. Whether open-loop or closed-loop, the types of gift cards available are used in gaming as well as payment for goods not leaving them out its use as gifts for loved ones.