Across the globe, gift cards are a great method to make some extra cash, and Nigeria is no exception. It is possible to buy gift cards, which are both physical and digital products, preloaded with money.

Gift cards enable someone the option of buying anything they want online or in a physical location with these cards. It is worth noting that they can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or added to mobile wallets in some situations.

So, if you are a Nigerian or Ghanaian trying to redeem or sell your cards, you don’t have to look far because there are various channels already in place that make this possible. It should be noted that a slew of new sites like this is appearing daily.

Global sales of gift cards are predicted to reach $619.25 billion in 2019 and $2076.51 billion by 2027, according to industry estimates. This is a lot of money going back to the brands and businesses that supply these services, which in turn increases client loyalty.

Top Gift Cards To Sell In Nigeria And Ghana

  • Apple Gift Card (iTunes)
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card
  • American Express Gift Card (AMEX)
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card

1. Apple Gift Card (iTunes)

In terms of popularity, the Apple (iTunes) gift card is among the most sought-after gift cards.

Gift cards for the Apple store can be used to make purchases. Included in these are products such as iPads and MacBook computers. ‘

Unlike Apple gift cards, the Apple (iTunes) Gift Card is an altogether unique product. In terms of trading on the Prestmit platform, there are two distinct types of cards.

The following are the most popular categories of Apple iTunes gift cards with high rates of sales.

  • iTunes (Portugal)
  • iTunes (Spain)
  • Apple iTunes (France)
  • Apple iTunes (Austria)
  • iTunes (Luxembourg/Greece/Portugal)
  • Apple iTunes (Switzerland)

2. Google Play Card

In Nigeria and Ghana, Google Play Gift Cards are among the most valuable gift cards to be sold.

Among the most popular gift cards in Nigeria nowadays are Google Play Cards, which aren’t to be overlooked.

Purchases of digital content such as music, movies, apps, and books can be made with Google Play gift cards.

The most popular actual Google Play card in the UK, on the other hand, isn’t even in that category. Google Play Gift Cards with high rates are currently the most popular in Nigeria.

  • USA Google Play Card ($100–$500)
  • UK Google Play Card (£25–£500)
  • Google Play CHF ($50–$99), etc

3. Steam Gift Card

In Nigeria and Ghana, Steam Gift Card has long been regarded as the most popular gift card. Trading this card is popular with most people or nearly everyone because it is so valuable.

If you are a gamer or enjoy playing games, you should keep an eye out for the Steam Gift Card. You can buy games, software, hardware, and other gaming-related things using your Steam card.

The UK Steam Physical Gift Card is one of the most popular and most widely distributed gift cards. The most popular Steam gift card denominations and categories are shown below.

  • Euro Steam Card (€20–€500)
  • UK Steam Card (€20–€500)
  • USA Steam Card ($50–$500)
  • Steam CHF (20–500)
  • Steam UK Encode (£20–£500), etc

4. American Express Gift Card (AMEX)

Coffee shops, restaurants, petrol stations, and other businesses accept AMEX gift cards as payment. There is no limit on where American Express can be used in the United States

American Express, on the other hand, does not allow reloading. There are three AMEX card classifications, with the highest category being the most popular.

  • American Express ($300–$500)
  • American Express ($100–$299)
  • AMEX Card ($50–$99)

5. Nordstrom Gift Card

The resale value of Nordstrom Gift Cards in Nigeria is among the highest.

Nordstrom gift cards can be used to purchase designer clothing and accessories both online and in physical stores. Among categories, the Nordstrom gift card is the best-selling physical gift card in the United States.

A 16-digit number and an 8-digit access number are printed on the physical cards, which are normally sealed. Trading categories for Nordstrom gift cards include:

  • Nordstrom ($100–$500)
  • Nordstrom ($50–$99)

6. Sephora Gift Card

Sephora is a retail cosmetics company that focuses on women’s beauty products. Beauty goods at Sephora are the greatest if you’re concerned about your skin and keeping your beauty.

However, the Sephora brand offers its clients gift cards, and any beauty brand available on the Sephora portal can be purchased with these gift cards.

The back of each Sephora gift card has a pin that seals it, making it a credit card for the retailer. Sephora Gift Cards’ most popular categories include:

  • Sephora USA ($100–$500)
  • Sephora USA ($50–$99)
  • USA Sephora Ecode ($50–$500)
  • CAD Sephora ($100–$500)

7. Razer Gold Gift Card

Razer Gold is a virtual gift card that gamers all over the world can use. It comes as both a physical card and an Ecode PIN.

The Razer Gold gift card can only be used on the Razer Gold website to buy games, laptops, clothes, and other things. In 2022, U.S. Razer Gold Cards and Ecodes are in high demand as high-interest gift cards.

Check out the categories where Razer Gold gift cards sell the most.

  • Razer Gold ($100–$1000)
  • Razer Ecode ($100–$500)
  • Razer Gold ($25–$99), etc

Best Platform To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria And Ghana

It is one thing to have gift cards for sale and it is another thing to have a credible platform on which you can easily sell your gift cards. So, when it comes time to cash out your gift cards for Naira or cedis, Prestmit is the best app to sell gift cards.

There is no better location to swap gift cards online than Prestmit, as you will receive immediate payment for your cards. Prestmit has great pricing, fast payments, and a user-friendly app.

Trading gift cards has never been easier than with the Prestmit mobile app. One of the features of the mobile app is the gift card rates calculator.

Gift card prices and naira equivalents are always available through this feature; You will always be aware of the most recent exchange rates for all gift cards thanks to this function.


The aforementioned gift cards are the best gift cards to sell, both in Nigeria and Ghana in 2022, as they are characterized by high rates at the moment. However, you can easily trade these cards and more on the Prestmit platform.