Recently, there has been an increase in the number of questions relating to how much Steam gift card rate is in Naira. Steam gift card owners always wonder how much they can get for their Steam card if they choose to resell it, which is valid. After all, not everyone will exhaust their gift cards on games, especially if they already have what they need.

Gift cards are fast becoming a vast means of payment worldwide; many big tech companies reward clients through gift cards. There are many types of gift cards, like; iTunes, Stalwart, Amazon, Starbucks, and, most significantly, Steam gift cards.

If you own a Steam gift card you wish to sell but aren’t sure of the rates, this article is for you. Let’s dig into everything that concerns Steam gift card rates in Nigeria today, shall we?

Understanding Steam Gift Cards

Steam is a video game digital distribution service by Valve. It is an online forum where gaming enthusiasts develop and play games. Like most merchants, they issue gift cards.

Steam gift cards are preloaded cards with credit that can be redeemed on the Steam platform and used to purchase games and downloadable content. The global market recognises it, and the Nigerian market does too. In fact, it is presumably one of the most well-known gift cards in Nigeria today. Anyone can buy them from various retailers, online or offline. They come in two major forms; Physical & E-code. The actual cards(physical) have a higher worth than the E-code. The denominations of this card vary and range from $50 to $100,$200, and so on.

Steam gift cards also come in different currencies of countries like the US, UK, CHF, CAD, etc. These cards are generally simple to work with. Even better, they don’t expire.

Steam Gift Card Rates In Nigeria 2024

steam gift card rate in Nigeria

If you want to sell a Steam gift card in Nigeria, the $50 Steam gift card (USA Steam Physical: rate 540) is 27,000 naira, while the $100 of the same subcategory Is 54000 naira.

Gift cards come in different categories and monetary denominations like $20, $50, $100, $200, etc. The demand for gift cards and the exchange market primarily determine the rates. There is no fixed rate for Steam gift cards, but many reliable platforms like Prestmit that facilitate gift card trades have a rate calculator feature on their website. This feature is automated and gives the best gift card rate in Nigeria in real-time.


$10 steam card7000
$20 steam card14000
$50 steam card35000
$100 steam card70000
$200 steam card140000
$300 steam card210000
$500 steam card350000


Best Platforms To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

There are several platforms where you can sell Steam gift cards at good rates, such as Prestmit, Cardvest, Nosh and Cardtonic. But the best platform at the moment is Prestmit. Prestmit has a website and mobile app for Android and iPhone Besides, the platform not only offers the best rates but also ease and speedy transactions. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be done with your sale and have your money in your account.

To begin, you’ll need to create an account or sign in if you have one already. You may watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to sell gift cards on Prestmit.



You can also take these three steps to start selling right now

  • Download the Prestmit app for Android or iOS.
  • Launch the app and create an account by following the prompt.
  • On the dashboard, select Buy & Sell gift cards. Then follow the prompts to get selling immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Steam gift cards for?

ASteam cards have other uses besides buying games and gaming software. You can exchange it for cash or crypto like Bitcoin or Tether.  You may even trade it for other gift cards.

Where can I sell Steam gift cards in Nigeria?

A: Digital trading platforms are usually the best places to sell gift cards. We recommend Prestmit as the most suitable platform to sell your Steam gift cards because of its rates, speed and ease of use.

How can I know the Steam gift card rates per time?

A: Economic factors such as demand/supply and the exchange rate affect the rates at any moment. So, it’s best to use a rate calculator to check, and Prestmit has one. With it, you can see the going rate before you sell.



Steam gift cards have no fixed rates. The rates will probably vary in the next few hours, depending on the demand and market conditions. However, if you want to trade your gift cards on a secure and legit platform, Prestmit is your best option. They offer the best rates anywhere, anytime.

We believe you found this article helpful. But don’t forget to check the rates on your Prestmit app because of the constant price fluctuations.