Steam is the most popular online video gaming platform in the world, giving video game lovers a reason to stay loyal to their hobbies. Some time ago, before Steam emerged,  it was more of a task to get your hands on the latest video games on the internet. Today, one can create an account with Steam, and buy and download the latest and hottest video games, together with some other downloadable content.

Steam gift card is a prepaid voucher preloaded with a certain amount of money which can be used to buy games and other downloadable content on the platform. The Steam gift card gives the user wallet credits used for purchases in the store. 

The steam platform operates in many nations of the world, hence, a variety of card currencies. For example, users in the US use the dollar Steam gift card, and those in the UK use the pounds Steam gift card.

However, you do not need to be in these countries to be able to buy or use these gift cards. 

There are many ways to use a Steam gift card apart from in-store purchases. For example, you can send it to your loved ones during special occasions like birthdays and weddings or sell the Steam gift card for fiat currency or cryptocurrency. 

Whether you want to buy or sell, the Steam card rate comes into play, and many people ask how much a 50 pounds Steam gift card is to Naira.

If you’re not conversant with gift card rates, you may risk buying and selling above/below the market rate and lose a lot of money. Do not worry; the purpose of this blog post is to address this and show you the latest rate of 50 pounds Steam gift card to Naira.

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Exchange Rate of 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card to Naira

Before we discuss the exchange rate of the 50 pounds Steam gift card to Naira, I want you to understand a few things about the Steam gift card rate

Like every other gift card, Steam card rates are not fixed to a particular figure. The steam card is a digital asset whose value is often determined by the market forces of its demand and supply and the exchange rate.

This is to say that the higher demand for Steam gift cards and exchange rate, the higher the Steam gift card rate. Therefore, the rate you get now may not be the same rate you will get in the next few hours.

Over the past few months, Steam gift card rates have been fluctuating. We can’t say a definite figure for the rate, but you can always use a gift card rates calculator to get the latest rate and stay updated.

The latest exchange rate for a 50 pounds Steam gift card as of the time of writing this article is 660, according to the Prestmit rates calculator.

Where to Buy 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card

The central place to purchase a Steam gift card is on the Steam platform. However, there are many other gift card platforms where you can buy 50 pounds Steam cards at reasonable rates. 

It is important to note that many fraudulent online platforms offer the same services, so you should do your due diligence before purchasing from anyone.

Examples of the most popular and reliable online gift card vending platforms include; GiftCardGranny, Amazon, Gyft, CardCash, and

The prices of the 50 pounds Steam gift card may vary across these platforms, but the difference is not quite significant. 

You can get the 50 pounds Steam card for between £55 to £57 on any of these platforms. This includes an extra £5-£7 purchasing fee.

One advantage of purchasing Steam cards from different platforms is that you will likely have a variety of price offers to choose from. 

A disadvantage is that you may risk purchasing from a dubious platform and losing money.

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How to Redeem Steam Gift Card 

Of course, your Steam gift card cannot be used in the store for any purchase until you have redeemed it. 

Here are simple tips on redeeming a Steam gift card in the Steam store.

  1. Visit the Steam official gift card redemption web page.
  2. Log in to your Steam account if you have any. If not, create one.
  3. Click on your account name and further click on account details.
  4. Click on ” Add funds to your Steam wallet“.
  5. Click on “Redeem Steam wallet code“.
  6. Enter your Steam gift card code and further click on “Continue.
  7. The balance will be added to your account.


1. What Can I Buy With a 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card?

The Steam platform is loaded with the best digital games you can ever think of. Once you redeem your card in the store, you can buy any game your credit can afford.

2. Can I Gift 50 Pounds To My Boyfriend On Her Birthday?

Of course, £50 is a lot of money. I am sure your girlfriend will appreciate this kind gesture, especially if he is a game lover. 

3. What Payment Method Can I Use To Buy a 50 Pounds Gift Card?

Depending on the platform you’re using, you can buy a Steam card with your debit/credit card, through Paypal and via crypto(Bitcoin, Litecoin etc)

4. How Often Does The Exchange Rate Of a 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card Change?

The exchange rate is not static; it changes at any time. It changes very often.

5. Can I Use a 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

Yes, you can use the Steam card to purchase digital content and video games from your home in Nigeria. You can also sell the card for Naira.

6. How Much Will I Pay In Nigeria If I Want To Buy a 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card?

This depends on the exchange rate at that moment. You can pay about N30,000 for a 50 pounds Steam gift card.

7. Can I Sell a 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card for Naira?

Yes, you can sell your Steam gift card on an online gift card trading platform such as Prestmit.

8. How Much Will I Get If I Sell My 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card in Naira?

Depending on the current market gift rate at the time, you will get N33,000 for a 50 pounds Steam gift card. However, you can check the live rate using a gift card calculator.


The importance and usefulness of Steam gift cards can never be overemphasized. You can think of a better gift for your young game-lover cousin and not think of a Steam gift card. 

The Uk Steam gift card has the highest rate among all the Steam cards in the market due to its high demand and exchange rate, so you may always consider it an expensive gift card.