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Why Gift Cards are Better Than Regular Gifts

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Ever been in a situation where you want to give someone a gift but don’t know what to buy? This could be because you can’t figure out what the receiver would like. Apart from that, you might not have the time to go gift shopping for some reason. So what do you do, because deep down you know the receiver deserves to be appreciated. Two words; gift cards, the wonderful invention that has changed the entire face of gift-giving. In this article, we will show you the reasons why gift vouchers have taken over regular gift-giving in various countries.

What Are Gift Cards?

To make this easier to understand let us separate the two words and analyze them. Gifts are voluntary items or services given to a receiver without expecting payment in order to show you care. A Card, on the other hand, is a thick paper (could be plastic) that something is printed on.

Now let’s put the two words together and make them make sense. Gift + Card = A card that has a redemption code on them and money loaded in it to buy gifts. Some little Math to solve the gift card equation. Gift cards or gift vouchers are basically prepaid cards that are used as a substitute for regular gifts.

How Do Gift Cards Work?

There are two types of gift cards, Open-loop, and closed-loop gift cards. To know how they work we have to understand these two types of gift cards.

Open Loop Cards

Open-Loop cards are the types you can use to shop in any store the brand is accepted. Examples of these cards are Visa and American Express gift cards. These brands already provide debit card payment options so they are accepted in a number of stores around the world. Anybody with the gift card versions of these brands can shop for any item in stores that they are accepted in.

Closed-Loop Cards

These types are tied to a particular brand. For example Google Play and iTunes gift cards, etc. The Google Play gift card, for example; can only be used to buy apps, games, and whatever is up for sale on the Google Play Store. Same with the iTunes gift card.

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Both Open-Loop and Closed-Loop cards have online and physical gift cards. Physical gift cards are the types you buy from over the counter in a store. Digital gift cards only exist in digital format. You are given a code online to use to purchase digital and physical items.

Reasons Why Gift Vouchers Are Better Gifts

Now to the topic of why this post was created, gift cards vs Regular Gifts. The following are reasons why gift vouchers are better gifts:

  1. They allow the receivers the freedom to buy whatever they want. Imagine giving someone a $100 iTunes gift card to get whatever they want from the App store. They can buy an app or a book, the choice is in the hands of the receiver.
  2. It eliminates the embarrassment of getting the wrong gift. Imagine going out of your way to getting a gift for someone and it’s not what they like? Another reason why gift vouchers are the perfect gifts.
  3. They are easier to buy and deliver than regular gifts. eGift cards can be sent directly to receivers’ email and from there they can shop online with them.
  4. It creates a longer-lasting memory than regular gifts. This is because of the freedom it grants the receiver to get whatever they like. When people get exactly what they always wanted they feel fulfilled. This will leave a better memory than giving them what they might or might not need.
  5. They are also a good source of redeeming cash or Cryptocurrency. Originally not designed for this but a few online platforms have made it possible. In case the receiver doesn’t use up the gift card they can sell it for good rates on a safe platform. You can trade them for cash and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT.

All in all gift cards will continue to be preferred to regular gifts because of their unique nature. So get you a gift card and show someone you care. If for some reason you aren’t giving it out as planned you can always sell them.



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