Steam gift cards are a gift card of great potential to access a plethora of interesting gaming and entertainment content on the Steam store. So if you are a gaming enthusiast or get a fascination for developing various video games, you may have to know more about Steam gift cards. This does not rule out that beginners in gift card trading must understand this special gift card.

There is a proliferation of the gift card market with local and international cards, but a gift card like Steam gift cards can stand space and time to offer accessibility to the Steam store from any part of the world. Yes, Steam gift cards are international, but their notoriety in functionality is excellent.

Steam gift card

Steam is the brand that issues Steam gift cards and holds the license to use the gift card. Steam is a digital distribution platform for gamers and game developers. This online platform has over 46 million daily users with about two decades of operation.

As a top gaming platform globally, game developers can access various software for their games and partner with Steam to add games to the platform while engaging the gaming community through the store page.

Steam gift card usually comes with an activation code, enabling the card used to withdraw the Steam card value into their Steam Wallet. With the Wallet balance, you can buy different games, in-game items, and downloadable content.

Types Of Steam Gift Cards

There are two (2) major types of Steam gift cards, namely, physical and digital.

1. Physical Steam Gift Cards

These types of Steam cards exist in plastic or paper forms. The denomination of physical Steam gift cards ranges from $20 to $100. You can use this gift card to buy gaming and other content on the Steam store instead of cash.

You can buy your physical Steam card from the Steam website, online retailers, and stores selling gift cards. But it is important to know that you must activate your physical card immediately after purchase before you can use the gift card.

2. Digital Steam Gift Cards

A digital Steam gift card is a virtual type of card you receive via email. This digital version has more flexibility in amount than the physical Steam gift card in such a way that its denomination ranges from $5 to $100.

Steam gift cards are one of the top gaming gift cards. Their flexibility and security are highly valued amongst the gaming community worldwide. Some of the benefits of Steam cards include the following:

  • Better security in transactions
  • Accumulate your balance until the completion of your preferred amount
  • Addition of the Steam gift card balance to your Steam Wallet
  • You can redeem your gift card anywhere in the world

How To Buy Steam Gift Cards

Steam gift cards are a great digital asset you can enjoy when you have one. This is why you must know the best places to buy your Steam gift card. The major places from where you can buy your Steam cards are:

1. Online Store

You can purchase your Steam gift card online through the Steam store or other online retailers. Let’s reiterate that Steam is the brand that issues Steam gift cards, and you can safely buy your Steam cards on its official website. This is for the buyers that are sceptical about buying an original card online without being defrauded.

Moreover, you can buy your Steam gift card from online retailers selling gift cards. Top on the list is Prestmit, one of the best gift trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana. Therefore, you can have the confidence and safe feeling of buying a Steam gift card just as you do with buying from a Steam store. But remember that you can also sell Steam gift cards on Prestmit when you choose to. We offer the best prices for all gift cards.

2. In-Store

Physical stores are another place to buy your Steam cards. Although these stores may not be as many as online stores, you can buy your gift card from the nearest supermarket or bookstore that sells gift cards. You can buy both the physical and digital types from these places.

How To Redeem Steam Gift Cards

Steam gift card

When you redeem your Steam gift card, you are certain to use your gift card to buy gaming content on the Steam store; activation proceeds by redeeming your Steam gift cards. Therefore, you must ensure the activation of your Steam card before proceeding to redeem it. When you do not activate your Steam gift card, you may encounter errors like an invalid card number error.

1. How To Redeem Steam Gift Cards Online

  • Create and open your Steam account
  • Go to your account name and click on “Account Details.”
  • Click on “Add funds to your Steam Wallet.”
  • Click on “Redeem a Steam Wallet code.”
  • Enter your Steam Wallet code and click on “Continue.”
  • As a first-time user, you may have to provide a mailing address for Steam to calculate sales tax. Click on “Continue”
  • The Steam gift card balance is now successfully added to your Steam account.

How To Redeem Steam Gift Cards In-Store

You can redeem your Steam cards at physical stores that sell gift cards. Without much ado, you must give your gift card to the cashier and provide the 15-alphanumeric code for redeeming your Steam gift card.

What Are The Restrictions On Using Steam Gift Cards?

1. You can give one Steam gift card to a recipient per transaction.

2. The minimum and maximum limits for Steam gift cards are $5 and $2000, respectively.

3. You can not use your existing wallet funds to buy a digital Steam gift card.

4. You can not buy a Steam gift card in a region and give it as a gift to someone in another region. For instance, someone in the United Kingdom can’t give Steam cards as a gift to someone in Nigeria.

How To Check The Balance Of Steam Gift Cards

You can check your Steam gift card balance via the Steam website and its app.

On Steam Website

  • Go to the Steam website and log into your Steam account
  • Click on “Account details.”
  • Navigate to “Payment Methods” and click “Manage Steam Wallet.”
  • You will view your Steam gift card balance on the Steam Wallet page

Steam Mobile App

  • Open your Steam mobile app and log in
  • Click on “Account details.”
  • Navigate to “Gift Card Balance” and click on it
  • Your Steam gift card balance will be displayed to you

Expiration Dates And Fees Associated With Steam Gift Cards

It is safe to let you know that Steam cards do not expire! There is no expiration date for your gift card; you can always use it if you have enough Steam card balance. The price of buying Steam cards varies with retailers, so it is best to buy and sell your Steam cards at a better gift card trading platform like Prestmit. There are no hidden fees with us.

How To Replace A Lost Or Stolen Steam Gift Card

In the event of the possible loss or theft of your Steam gift card, you can contact Steam support for a replacement for your card. The following are the ways to report and have a replacement for your missing Steam card:

  • Deactivate the Steam card from your Steam account
  • Report the loss via the self-help portal via email
  • Call the Steam customer service line

Can Steam Gift Card Be Returned Or Exchanged?

Yes, you can return your Steam gift card and request a refund if you are no longer interested in the gift card. Interestingly, you will receive the payment of your refund in the local currency you used to buy the Steam gift card. However, this is exclusive to people who bought Steam cards at the Steam store.


Steam gift cards are a plausible way to enjoy the gaming world of Steam. This is like a ticket for you to access every entertainment content while you try to hone your skills in game development. This gift card piques varying interests such that you can trade with it while others can give it as a gift.

However, it is important to know how to buy Steam gift cards and redeem them for you to access its numerous content. Do you have a Steam card that you want to sell? We at Prestmit are here for you, anytime and anywhere, to trade with us.