Video gaming is a form of leisure and a good way of relieving stress. This is why the gaming industry is the largest and most valuable industry in the entertainment sector.

Razer Gold Gift Card is a popular gift card commonly used by gamers to purchase numerous games and in-game content on the Razer store. 

Razer Gold Gift Card is often regarded as one of the gift cards with high resale value; indeed, it is a valuable gift card in Nigeria due to its high rate.

A lot of gift card traders buy Razer Gold Gift Cards and resell them for cash due to their high rates in Nigeria, while many others will still choose Razer Gold if given the choice.

However, one may be inquisitive to ask how much the rate of a Razer Gold Gift Card is in naira. 

The truth is that the Razer Gold Gift Card has a high rate in Nigeria due to its high demand, and you have come to the right place that will show you how much a $100 Razer Gold card is worth in naira.

The rate may vary according to the market condition or the trading platform, but this article will explain everything you need to know about the Razer Gold Gift Card, the rate of Razer Gold Gift Card, how much a $100 Razer Gold Gift Card is worth in naira and the best place to sell Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria.

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card?

Razer Gold Gift Card is a card loaded with a certain monetary value which can be used to purchase items like gaming items, in-game content, electronic devices like laptops and apparel on the Razer store.

This gift card is only available as a digital card and not a physical one, making it digital and always available to all gamers who may need it.

Razer Gold Gift Cards can also be a gift to loved ones who may be avid gamers. 

It comes in many dollar denominations, and you can choose how much you can afford.

Benefits Of Having A Razer Gold Gift Card

Having a Razer Gold Gift Card is a plus to you as a trader or user because of the following reasons;

1. No Expiry Date:

You need not worry about the expiry date with Razer Gold Gift Card because it does not expire. You can choose to redeem the card online anytime without pressure.

2. Quite Efficient:

Razer Gold Gift Cards are very efficient, and when redeemed, you will get the most value from them. You can download and install as many games as possible and start gaming.

3. No Activation Fees:

Users are not charged extra fees for activation after the card has been purchased. In other words, there’s no hidden fee with Razer Gold Gift Card.

How Much Is A $100 Razer Gold Gift Card In Naira

Generally, Razer Gold Gift Cards have a very high rate in Nigeria, which is evident in the high demand for this gift card by Nigerians. However, the rate of gift cards is not fixed over time, but they are always subject to market forces of demand and supply.

Another factor that may affect the rate at which you exchange your Razer Gold Gift Card is the platform you’re trading on.

With this in mind, traders should always check gift card rates using a gift card calculator before selling them.

Currently, the rate of a Razer Gold Gift Card is 595, meaning a $100 Razer Gold Gift Card at the time of writing this article will give you N59,500.

Where To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card At The Best Rate In Nigeria

The high demand for gift cards also created a market for exchanging them for cash. There are many platforms where you can sell Razer Gold cards in Nigeria, but the question is, “which is the best among them all?”

Note that you should always check the balance of your razer gold card before selling it.

While some of these platforms are not fully equipped with the right tools to facilitate smooth and seamless trading, others are entirely fraudulent. Turning in your hard-earned digital asset to them will rob you of it.

Nonetheless, there are good trading platforms where you can trade successfully; the best is the Prestmit platform.

We regard the Prestmit platform as the “creme de la creme” of all digital asset trading platforms because of its unique features.

Prestmit is an online trading app which offers a unique and seamless trading experience to all gift card traders in any part of the world. Ever since its launch in 2019, this prominent trading app has won the interest of millions of users.

Trading on the Prestmit app gives one an insight into some unique user experiences and some outstanding features of the platform, such as;

  • Swift Customer Service
  • High Rates on Digital Assets
  • Fast Payment Policy
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • High-Security Protocol
  • Good User Interface

How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card For Naira 

Selling Razer Gold Gift Card is an easy-peasy venture with the Prestmit app such that you may not need this guide. However, you can sell your Razer Gold Gift Card using the following steps;

  1. Download and sign up on the Prestmit app.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards.
  3. Further click on “Sell Gift Cards“.
  4. Select ” Payout Method” and choose Naira.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and choose “Razer Gold“.
  6. Click on “Gift Card Type” and choose “USA Razer Gold
  7. Click on “Amount” and type in the amount of the Razer Gold card you wish to sell.
  8. Upload the gift card image, if any; if not, type the code in the comment box.
  9. Click on Proceed and Submit Trade. The payment is credited to your Prestmit Naira wallet instantly.


Razer Gold Gift Card is a perfect choice of gift card for most people because of its many benefits to users, including its high resale value.

You can always sell Razer Gold cards in Nigeria at the best market rate on Prestmit. You’ll get high rates for your gift cards and a unique user experience.

Quickly download Prestmit from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.