The crypto market is currently at a rather bear phase which is made by very low prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

It is noteworthy that Bitcoin sold for a price of $67,000 in 2021 but Bitcoin is currently consolidating around $21,000. While this may be bad news to all crypto investors and traders, this may not be the end of the game as every besr market presents an opportunity for more crypto accumulation that will create wealth during the bull trend.

The major concern of smart investors who want to take this chance is a way to source funds to purchase Bitcoins.

However, aside from using fiat money to purchase Bitcoins, there are still other reliable ways to accumulate Bitcoins.

One which we will talk about today is the exchange of Gift Cards for Bitcoins

Gift Cards have globally been recognised as a payment  innovation of the financial technology. Since Gift Cards represents the value of fiat money on plastic cards, one can easily convert Gift Cards for Bitcoin with ease.

Have you been looking for a reputable platform where you can sell your Gift Cards for Bitcoins? Read through this article as we unveil to you, how and the best platform to easily sell your Gift Cards for Bitcoins.

What Is A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a the first and most popular decentralized cryptocurrency in the world which was founded by an anonymous person or group of persons called Satoshi Nakamato.

Bitcoin was launched in 2019 on the blockchain technology and has since gathered global adoption that pushed it from a cryptocurrency of no value in 2009 to the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world.

The anonymous and decentralized nature of Bitcoin has made it the most desirable cryptocurrency in the world.

What Is A Gift Card?

Gift Card is a type of debit card( though not issued by any bank) that is preloaded with a certain amount of money for purchasing goods and services from both online and offline stores. 

Many business brands create and issue Gift Cards to their customers as a way of creating more business awareness, evading the interference of third parties and rewarding customer loyalty.

Gift Cards are predominantly created in two ways, either it’s a physical Gift Card or virtual Gift Card( E-codes). The monetary denominations of Gift Cards vary according to the brand but are commonly between $5-$500.

The money value of the Gift Card is redeemed in the store for gift items, so users can only purchase what their Gift Cards can pay for. However, any balance in the transaction can always be corrected with cash.

Aside from shopping with Gift Cards, you can sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin with ease.

Some of the Gift Cards you can sell in Nigeria include; Amazon, American Express, Google Play, eBay, Sephora,  etc.

Best App To Sell Gift Card For Bitcoin With Ease

The secret of exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin lies on the platform where the trade is carried out. The need to create a market system that will curb the stress of finding buyers or sellers of digital assets has initiated the rise of many online Gift Cards trading platforms.

Since the trade is dealing with digital assets, the transactions are best carried out online at given market rates.

However, there are only a few online platforms that offer genuine, scam-free and quality services out of the numerous platforms online.

A good Gift Card trading platform is highly secure, offers high rates, has a good customer representative, and is very fast in executing transactions.

The Prestmit app is the best of the few apps that offer Gift Card trading services online. 

Prestmit is a highly secure, eccentric mobile app that offers users a seamless way of trading both Gift Cards and cryptocurrency.

Since the app’s launch in 2020, it has attracted more than 1 million users from different parts of the world due to its unique nature. 

The Prestmit platform possesses many distinguishing features which make it very unique from other trading platforms.

There are many reasons why you should consider trading your Gift Cards for Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT on the Prestmit app and some of them include;

Why You Should Trade On Prestmit 

There are many reasons you should consider using the Prestmit app but a few of them are as follows;

1. High Rates:

Traders always seek for a good return on their assets and the Prestmit app is the best app for such offer.

The platform has  the policy of rewarding every user with ghe exact value of their asset. This is the reason the rates on the Prestmit app are comparatively higher than the rates offered by other platforms. You can easily check the automated  Gift Card rates calculator on the Prestmit platform.

2. High Security: 

Security is a trademark of the  Prestmit app as the app is built on a very high security protocol which makes users data and assets very secure from malware and online scammers.

The safety of data and assets on the Prestmit app is totally guaranteed as the app is totally impregnable.

3. Live Chat: 

You can never be stranded on the Prestmit, it’s impossible. Users can quickly use a live chat feature on the app to communicate to the customer service agents who are always ready to engage them. 

With the live chat option, users get help as soon as possible.

4. Good User Interface: 

Have you seen how beautiful and smooth the Prestmit app looks and feels? You need to check it out and see for yourself.

Any good app must have a good user interface which further contributes to a good user experience. The Prestmit app is an example of such apps with a good user interface which makes it attractive and easy to use.

5. Instant Payment:

It’s frustrating to wait for hours and even days for the payment of a successfully completed transaction. 

The Prestmot app understands this frustration and has inculcated a policy of instant payment on all transactions that have been completed successfully.

The payment is made to the Prestmit cash or crypto wallet after which users can withdraw their bank account or personal wallet.

6. Multiple Payment Options:

Unlike some platforms where payments can only be made through one source, Prestmit pays users through multiple options like Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT.

How To Sell Gift Cards Online In Nigeria 

Sell your Gift Cards for Bitcoin in with the few easy steps below:

  1. The first step is to download the Prestmit app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and sign up.
  2. Select “Start Trade” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and fill in the Gift Card information by scrolling down the page.
  4. Click on Bitcoin as the payment method since you’re exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin. 
  5. Select “Category” and choose the type of Gift Card you want to sell. Example; Google Play physical card. 
  6. Click on  “Gift Card Type” to choose the type of Amazon Gift Card in your possession. Example; USA Google Play physical (50-100). This means that the Google Play Gift Card is between the value of $50-$100.
  7. Select “AMOUNT” from the  menu: Input the total amount of Gift Cards you’d like to convert to Bitcoin. When you enter the amount, the Bitcoin value of the Gift Card will be immediately displayed. 
  8. Upload the Gift Card image if you have a physical card.
  9. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the comment section.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” to complete the transaction after which the payment will be credited immediately into your Prestmit BTC wallet


As inflation ravages both the fiat currency and Gift Cards, and prices of goods and services continues rise everyday. It will be very thoughtful to exchange your Gift Cards to Bitcoins to hedge against inflation and also have a share in the eminent bull crypto market.

If you have been looking for a good platform to carry out your Gift Card and crypto transactions, Prestmit is your best shot.