There are proper ways to redeem and use a gift card. Not using them the right way causes errors, and this applies to all gift cards, including Footlocker gift cards. Inappropriate use or common mistakes with the card give rise to common Footlocker gift card errors.

Common Footlocker gift card errors and solutions

A Footlocker gift card is a gift card issued by Footlocker, which is a popular American athletic retailer that is in the business of the production and sale of sportswear, footwear, accessories, and other apparel. You can buy both Footlocker products and other brands’ products in the Footlocker store.

Therefore, you can use Footlocker gift cards to buy your preferred products at the Footlocker store (at discounted prices) because the gift card increases the purchasing power of Footlocker customers and which in turn, enables them to buy products in the store at any time. This does not rule out the option to sell Footlocker gift cards for cash if you so wish.

A Footlocker gift card has the potential to improve the buyer behaviour of the teeming customers on the Footlocker store. Some of the importance of Footlocker gift cards in retail shopping are:

  • Convenient shopping from anywhere in the world
  • Footlocker gift cards serve as a payment method on Footlocker store
  • Save more money while shopping

We cannot overemphasise the relevance of Footlocker gift cards to retail shopping but be that as it may, it is important to understand common Footlocker gift card errors and possible solutions to these common issues.

Common Footlocker Gift Card Errors

1. Invalid Gift Card Number

Invalid Footlocker gift card number

Footlocker gift cards (both physical and e-gift cards) have a 16-digit card number and an 8-digit PIN at the back of the card. You must enter the 16-digit card number before you can redeem the gift card. But you may encounter an “invalid gift card number” error if you make a mistake with any of the digits.

In another case, this type of error may arise from mistyping an alphabet for a digit. Take “1” as an example. You can receive this error message when you type “I” instead of “1” or even “O” in place of “0”.

2. Insufficient Balance Or Zero Balance

Zero balance error for Footlocker gift card

This type of Footlocker gift card error can be a result of entering the card number wrongly or if your gift card, especially the physical Footlocker gift card, has not been activated after purchase. Also, an error like this may arise from the exposure of the PIN to possible theft of identity whereby scammers have already redeemed the gift card without your prior notice.

3. Technical Errors

You may receive a technical error message when there is a downtime on the Footlocker system network, which prevents you from redeeming your Footlocker at a certain time. This can be a human-induced error but do not worry about that because you are not the cause of this error.

Solutions To Footlocker Gift Card Errors

1. Check The Gift Card Number

You must enter the 16-digit Footlocker gift card number correctly while confirming that the digits are 16 in total. For anyone who may have some eye defect, it is advisable to painstakingly enter the digits without using the place of digits.

Therefore, you may want to check the gift card number again and again to detect possible mistakes in the digits before proceeding to redeem your gift card.

2. Check The Gift Card Balance

Ensure you check your Footlocker gift card balance immediately after redeeming your gift card. This is to confirm the addition of the gift card amount to your Footlocker account. It is possible that the amount of the gift card is not added to your Footlocker account, especially if the Footlocker gift card has already been used by someone.

3. Contact Footlocker Customer Service

You may want to contact Footlocker customer service, which is your last resort in resolving any of your queries. You may contact customer service if errors associated with your Footlocker gift cards persist after checking your gift card number and the card balance.

Footlocker customer service is available via email, phone calls, and chats to tend to the needs of its customers. So you can contact them for possible solutions to the lingering errors on your Footlocker gift card.

4. Troubleshoot Technical Errors

Technical errors are beyond your control as they are directly associated with the Footlocker network. Therefore, you may have to contact the technical support team directly or through an escalation of the issue from customer service to help you in resolving the glitch.

Prevention Tips For Footlocker Gift Card Errors

1. Keep The Gift Card In A Safe Place

Gift cards are known to store real-time value. So they can be likened to holding a sum of money when you have one. As such, it is important to keep your Footlocker gift card safe from the reach of people. You lose money when you lose your gift card. A proper realisation of this fact infers the true worth of the gift card you hold.

2. Register Your Gift Card

Activation precedes the redemption of gift cards. You must activate your Footlocker gift card before you can use the gift card for varying intended purposes. In this instance, you must activate your physical Footlocker gift card immediately at the point of purchase, but the e-gift card is automatically activated before you receive it via your email.

3. Read The Terms And Conditions

You must exhaust the terms and conditions of Footlocker gift cards to give you a broad understanding of how to use the gift card. For instance, it is clearly stated that a Footlocker gift card cannot be used to buy another gift card, and the gift card does not expire.

4. Keep The Receipt

Receipts are evidence of payment for purchases, and this is also applicable to buying a Footlocker gift card. So ensure that you keep the receipt for your gift card as you may need it when an error arises from redeeming your gift card.

When you contact your retailer or Footlocker customer service, you may be required to provide the receipt for the purchase of the gift card, which is to authenticate your ownership of the gift card.


Footlocker gift cards are your ticket to enjoying beautiful and original products in the Footlocker store. But you must be conscious of avoiding any form of error to be able to use your gift card to its best. We are not guaranteeing that the redemption of your Footlocker gift card will be an easy ride, nor do we affirm that it will be a bumpy ride. But being proactive is the best solution.

Therefore, you must treat your Footlocker gift card with a sense of treasure that you will protect and carefully enter the 16-digit card number if you want to redeem it.