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What Can I Use My Google Play Gift Card For?

6 things to do with your google play gift card

So you were gifted a Google Play gift card and you want ideas on what to use it on? While it could seem like one of those gift cards, it really means the big online retailer is your possession and your options are endless. Google play gift card is a type of electronic card preloaded with money. You can buy it from any store where gift cards are sold and the card in turn can be used to buy anything on the google play store. Whether you were gifted a $25, $50, $100 Google Play gift card or more, there’s something massive you can cop for yourself. Here are top 6 things you can do with your Google Play gift card balance.

6 Things to do With Your Google Play Gift Card

1. Pay for subscriptions with your Google Play gift card.

Your Google play gift card allows you pay for different subscriptions, e.g. YouTube premium. Your Google Play gift card is not just a mere gift card, is can be likened to a payment method. Just as you can add your prepaid card,  debit card, credit card to your Google Pay account, you can also add your google play gift card to it. What is just required of you is to redeem the card, and the balance will be visible on your Google Pay profile. Your balance can be used as a means of payment for your different subscriptions, as Google Pay is a widely accepted payment method. Note that your Google Play balance is not the same as cash. This suggests that it won’t work for all payments through Google Pay.

2. Purchase Movies Using your Google Play gift card.

Your Google Play gift card allows you access to trending movies or programmes from the Google Play Store. You can also rent them, if you are not willing to buy at that time. On Google Play Family Library, you can share bought or rented movies with up to 5 family members by signing up for Google Play Family Library. It works through your Google Play Store App. Click on Menu, then Account, choose Family, then register for Family Library.

3. Buy Books With Google Play Gift Card.

Are you a book lover? Google Play gift card allows you access to a wide array of books. If so, you can use your card to buy them. Spend your credits on a book, and after you make your purchase, your book will be added to your library.

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4. Make in-app purchases with your Gift card.

One thing you can do with your Google Play gift card, is make in-app purchases. Google Pay also makes it easier to purchase Play gift card code from its application. One can go to the business and bill section and click on the Explore tab. Users then need to search Google Play Gift card and simply add the desired amount.

5. Purchase premium apps Using your Google Play gift card.

Trying to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription? The Google Play gift card can come in handy for you.  Or If you have an app that you use a lot, you can check if there’s a premium version available. Oftentimes, people want an upgrade in the apps they use for different reasons such as zero-adds and advanced functions on the app. If you are looking to upgrade an app, you sure can use your Google Play gift card as a payment method.

6. Sell Google Play Gift Card on Prestmit

You can convert your google play gift card to naira, cedis, BTC or USDT on Presmit, at the best rate, with payment speed of 5 minutes. Prestmit is a gift card and cryptocurrency exchange platform established in 2017 where you can trade your Google Play gift card, Apple Store gift card, iTunes gift card, Sephora gift card, and other gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana. To trade, you have to sign up on the website or download the mobile app to create an account. Click to register if you don’t have an account already and login. Afterwards, click the ‘BEGIN TRADE’ button to start.

Go ahead to select ‘SELL GIFT CARDS’ on the next page. Scroll down the page to fill in the details of the trade.

PAYOUT METHOD: When you trade, you can either be paid in CEDIS, NAIRA, BITCOINS or USDT. Feel free to choose your preferred payment method and get credited immediately.


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