Vanilla gift cards are prepaid cards issued by Vanilla Gift, which can be used in any store that accepts Visa card payments. They are commonly known as Vanilla Visa gift cards because the card is a product of Vanilla Gift and Visa Inc.

Vanilla gift cards come in two different forms, either as a physical gift card or an electronic card(eGift card). While both types of Vanilla cards can be used for store purchases in any Visa store, they have some distinct features that make them easy to identify.

Of course, Vanilla eGift cards have no physical form, that is to say, they can’t be touched but can be seen in their digital form.

It is pertinent that you must know how to identify each of these types of Vanilla gift cards. This will not only improve your knowledge of different gift cards, but it will also save you from purchasing the wrong gift card in the store.

I have decided to use this article as a medium to show you the different ways to identify each type of Vanilla gift card. 

Vanilla gift card

Types Of Vanilla Gift Cards

As I mentioned above, a Vanilla gift card is either a physical gift card or an electronic gift card (eGift card). They both have the same monetary value which normally ranges from $10- $500 but their use cases and physical features are not the same. 

1. Physical Vanilla Gift Cards:

Physical Vanilla Visa gift vouchers are prepaid cards that have a specific monetary value which can be used as a means of payment in any store that accepts Visa cards. This card is most common in the US and Canada and they have distinct features such as the first four digits on the card.

For example, USA physical Vanilla gift cards normally start with the first four numbers; 4097, 4118, 4847, and 5253 while that of Canada usually start with; 4263, 5203, 4850, and 5336.

2. Electronic Vanilla Gift Cards:

The Vanilla electronic gift card is a digital version of the Vanilla Visa card. They cannot be touched like the physical card but they come in form of codes which are used to make transactions mostly online. All you need to do is to redeem the gift card by inputting the code where required.

This type of gift voucher is mostly the favourite for gift card shoppers because its email delivery is almost instant. Once you purchase a Vanilla eGift card, you will get it delivered to your email address, unlike the physical gift card which may take some time to be delivered.

Also, you will not lose the eGift card easily because it is permanently stored in your email box and can be accessed anytime you like. 

How To Identify Physical Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla physical gift cards have a lot of features that make them easily identifiable. 

Remember I mentioned earlier that the gift voucher is the combined product of Visa and Vanilla Gift. The first thing you will look out for in any physical Vanilla gift card is the Visa and Vanilla logos

The card will be boldly inscribed Vanilla, at the left or right uppermost part of the card while the Visa logo is inscribed on the right lower part of the card.

Vanilla physical cards always have 16-digit numbers inscribed on them, an expiry date and three or four digits security codes at the rear part of the card. 

Ensure that there’s a signature line at the back of the Vanilla card. This looks like a white and golden strip where an authorised signature is signed. However, you don’t need the signature before you can use your Vanilla Visa gift card.

Most Vanilla cards are already activated before they are issued but you may call the toll-free number on the uppermost part of the rear card to check if yours is active and also activate it with their help.

How To Identify Electronic Vanilla Gift Card

Remember that an electronic Vanilla gift card cannot be touched like a physical card but it can only be viewed in a digital format. 

The Vanilla eGift card has the same features as the physical card but these features can only be viewed on your screen.

When you purchase an electronic Vanilla card from any of the online gift card sellers, the gift voucher will be sent to your registered email address in between 1-3 minutes.

When you open the email message, you will see your card in a digital format(as an image). 

This image will show you the Visa card number, expiration date and security code(CVV) which you’ll use for your store transactions anywhere a Visa card is accepted.

The card is likely activated already if you purchased from VanillaGift but you can still activate the card and check the balance at or you can call the toll-free number on the back side of the card image.

How To Sell Unused Gift Cards For Cash or Cryptocurrency

Gift cards can serve many purposes apart from using them for store transactions. Sometimes we may buy these gift cards for our loved ones who may not like to use them in the store. On many occasions, you could be the one at the receiving end. 

Since gift cards represent a certain amount of money in a voucher, do you know you can sell them for cash or cryptocurrency if you are no more interested in using them?

Even if you have used a part of the gift card to make store transactions, you can still sell the balance in exchange for Bitcoin or cash.

All you need to do is to trade the gift voucher in an online gift card trading platform such as Prestmit. Once the trade is completed successfully, you’ll get the cash or crypto equivalent of the gift card 

Prestmit offers the best gift card trading solution for all types of gift cards. You can also check out the live rates of any gift card on the platform before proceeding to trade. The platform has a simple user interface but you don’t need a tutorial on how to trade gift cards on it. 


A vanilla visa gift card makes it easier for you to make store transactions in stores where visa cards are accepted. 

You can quickly purchase from the VanillaGift platform or any online gift card marketplace. Even when you receive one as a gift and you’re not interested in using it in the store, you can sell it for cash or crypto on Prestmit and get paid instantly.