If you have been acquainted with different brands of gift cards, then you must have known or heard of Vanilla Visa gift cards. Don’t tell me you’re thinking about a gift card used to purchase vanilla-flavoured ice cream. Haha, come off it, that’s not what I mean.

The Vanilla gift cards are prepaid Visa gift cards that range from $10 to $500 issued by the Vanilla Gift company. Vanilla Visa gift cards are delivered in two forms, they can either be eGiftcards sent through email or physical cards which can be sent by mailing.

Image of vanilla gift card

Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used for in-store, mail, and phone transactions. Many people think the idea of a Vanilla Visa gift card to be the perfect gift for special occasions and an acceptable gift of appreciation to clients, employees, and business partners. It can be redeemed at different online and physical retail stores that accept Visa debit cards. 

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Most times, it is not just enough to buy gift cards, it’s also important to know how to use such gift cards. This will save you the stress and also save you from losing the gift card, out of carelessness. This is exactly what this article intends to do for you, but before then, you need to learn how to activate the Vanilla Visa gift card.

How To Activate Vanilla Gift Cards

  1. To activate the card, go to www.myvanillacard.com
  2. Enter your Vanilla account User ID and Password to begin the Vanilla Gift Card activation procedure.
  3. Go to the official Vanilla balance checking page. You’ll need to input the long card number across the front of your card after you’ve arrived at the website. 
  4. After entering that information, select “activate,” and the card will be ready to use.

How To Use Vanilla Gift Card Online

Using the Vanilla gift card online is not rocket science, it’s still the same thing you do daily with your prepaid Visa cards when you buy online.

To use the Vanilla gift card online, just do the following.

  1. First, make sure the balance of the Vanilla Gift Card is more than the entire cost of the items you’re purchasing, including taxes. Depending on the transaction, requirements could be up to 20% above the purchase amount.
  2. Select ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ as the payment method and do not select ‘Gift Card’ because you may experience some transaction errors.
  3. In the ‘Payment Method’ section, enter the card information as you would do with a credit or debit card.
  4. In the ‘Billing Address’ section, fill in your name and address.
  5. Once you pay, the amount will be deducted from your Vanilla gift card balance.

If you ever get a Vanilla gift card and you end up not needing to use it, remember you can always sell it for cash or crypto on Prestmit at the best Vanilla gift card rates.